Let me be your ‘Girl’

Rio Lee LOVES to be your Girl! If you want me to be your ‘Sugar Babe’ then please do get in touch!

I LOVE it when a guy gets in touch to be my plaything!

I LOVE ALL introductions no matter how small as it shows me how wonderful someone is treating me. It means the world when a guy wants to help me pay my bills, such as my rent & be the princess you want me to be.

Whether it be a fabulous bunch of flowers, to a couture sparkly necklace, perfume, Pink Champagne, Agent Provocateur lingerie Vouchers, Designer High heels LOVE Gina sparkly heels, Designer handbag from Chanel, Body Products from Elemis, Gift Vouchers from Harvey Nicks & Harrods.

I’d love nothing more than to get my hands on you! If you are flying into town, love to have fun, laugh a lot & enjoy the company of an intelligent sexual deviant then I would love to hear from you.


If you would like to help me out from a far then feel free

I’m looking for a real man, a man who is confident, who is driven & LOVE MEN who I can learn from. I get inspired by men who have experiences from all walks of life, these are the men who I wish to meet, for a drink & a fabulous introduction as well as my companion gift of course.


However if you would like me to be your ‘Sugar babe’ in real life then please show me you are serious by getting in touch. Heres my number 07918745199, Here is my email rioleepornstar@icloud.com

If you want me exclusively to you, then sure I’m open to suggestions if they work for both of us.

First stage is to get in touch by introducing yourself, I prefer a CALL, however a message (if your shy) followed up by a CALL.

Then of course before we start committing to a monthly allowance, lets get to know each other, perhaps a daytime date, over a dinner, whatever you prefer, after all you are the one who will be showing me how much you want me.

I’m also open to being a travel companion as I love holidays for 2.

My Dreams…………

Hi Gorgeous, If you fancy treating me to a wonderful surprise then that would be incredible!

I LOVE surprises so if you wish to surprise me. I appreciate all messages & gifts as they have come from you personally!

Keep it simple & send me an American Express Gift Card  perfect if you prefer discretion or a gift to my mailbox



Fancy picking something out personally, then here are my sizes and items I’m dreaming of!


My Sizes

Shoe size: UK size 5/US size 7.5/Eur 38

Bra size I wear 34 DD

Panties Size Size 10


Favourite Shoes

Colourful & Sparkly High heels & Stripper Heels

Dreaming of: Christian Louboutin, Gina



Bra size: 34 DD

Pantie size: Size Small 10 (uk)


Lingerie Brands

All naughty sexy lingerie

However I love to be taken lingerie shopping on Companion Dates

Dreaming of: Agent Provocateur  & Ann Summers


Favourite Purse:

Clutch bags

Dreaming of: Chanel, YSL, Hermes, Louis Vuitton



Favourite Watches:

Lady like Jewellery Pieces

Dreaming of: Chopard, Rolex


Favourite Jewellery: Sparkly bling 

Dreaming of: Graff, Cartier, Faberge, Buccellati,


Favourite Clothes

Juicy Couture, Guess, Hermes Leger

Dreaming of: Dennis Basso, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Real Fur, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Gucci, Valentino, Versace, Balmain 

Favourite Sex Toys: Lelo, Men of course Xrated toys too!


Little Treats

Favourite Massage Oil/Body Cream:  Victoria Secret & Elemis


Favourite Flowers: Colourful beautiful big bouquets 


Favourite Chocolates: Dark Truffles such as Hotel Chocolat or gorgeous Dark Chocolates


Favourite Candles: Jo Malone 


Favourite Perfume: Tease by Victoria Secret, Decadence by Marc Jacob

Favourite Skincare: Elemis


Favourite Drink

Armand de Brignac Champagne

Dom Pink Champange

Chase Vodka

Pornstar Martinis


Favourite Food:

Planet Organic, Good Life (Chelsea), Wholefoods, Sushi, Korean BBQ

Dreaming of: Prunier Caviar, Argentinian Steak at Gaucho, Sashmi 


Favourite Destination

Anywhere with 5 star Luxury & loads to do whether it be relaxing or partying

Dreaming of: Ibiza, Monaco, Cannes, St.Tropez, Milan, Germany, Paris, New York & Sona Fushi in the Maldives


Favourite Store Gift Vouchers

Victoria Secret, Agent Provocateur , Bliss Spa,  Mac Make UP,  Aldo,  Apple, Lush, Harrods, Harvey Nicks




Here is my mailbox if you wish to send me a gift

Rio Lee

Suite 916

28 Old Brompton Road




All I want for Xmas is……..

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee is dreaming of what she’d like for Xmas this year!

I feel lost without my bling especially on my ting! I would adore having a diamond and gold clit ring,



a gorgeous gold & sapphire belly ring


& lets not forget my signature gold and diamond nipple ring!



Sex toy for men?!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Hi boys, I’ve been excited as I’ve been nipping across London in our famous black cabs to pick up 2 sex toys sent to me by a sex toy company. One is the LOKI Wave which is described as the ‘come hither vibrating prostate massager’ & the other is the Lelo Lily 2 with apparently a bouquet of red wine & chocolate which to me sounds like a bit of a giggle, first what a mixture of smell, it half reminds me of a ‘red wine unfortunate incident I had a long time ago…cock & white sofa…..we don’t have to go into it, trust me’. So I’m assuming its supposed to be the colour of it.

So I quickly email my contact at Lelo and clarify that the ‘chocolate & red wine’ refers to the worlds first ever ‘chocolate infused sex toy & a ‘plum colour’. Wow incredible, read more about this here



So I quickly charge up both toys and am quite excited to see the Lelo Wave looks like a snake or a out of control hosepipe as it rapidly moves back and forth. I’ll take a sex toy over a box of chocolates anyday so luckily I now have a ‘chocolate scented’ bullet! So much better than lingerie (which is always hard to get the size right) and much more enjoyment!

Anyway so the LOKI Wave is for guys! Yes meant for men, I know boys we don’t talk about the fact your ‘ex girlfriend on a drunken night accidentally stuck a finger up your ass’ do we. But is meant for men. I’m quite jealous as looking at it, it looks like a female vibrator, has great vibrations and something I’d like to play with myself.


The only thing is I need a very opened minded guy to actually try this out on! And plus it’ll be so much easier than having to use a strap-on on a guy or a manual dildo! And so much nicer than using a finger which can scratch and damage a guys ass! Plus not to mention my posh manicure! Now I’m sure I know what you are thinking boys, the video makes a lot of you run for the hills as this would be a stretch even for myself, however this sex toy can also be used externally too! Although saying that I have been asked to fist a guys ass before so anything is possible.

However I’d much rather use it on myself as I love to use toys and the great thing is that this sex toy is for both men & women!


Lelo also has the ‘Millionaires’ , Sugar Daddies or simply a man who knows the way to a girls heart SEX TOY!


A £10k 24 Karat Sex Toy called the Inez! If you are a guy who loves Iced watches or especially adds extra diamonds to your collection then this is the perfect gift for your lady! I’m still waiting for someone generous to gift me one of those 😉





So being the fact its a Sunday and I’m naked in bed apart from a pair of ankle socks, watching the TV series ‘Suits’ on Netflix & waiting for a horny guy to CALL ME as there is nothing I LOVE better than chatting to a guy about his fantasies or about what he wants to do with me in bed & both of us mastubating together! Plus don’t forget I’m supposed to be reviewing the Lelo Lily 2 SEX Toy! Any excuse for a quick play!

I’d give the Lily 2 Sex Toy a ‘Screaming O’ 10/10 as it made me cum in under 30 seconds! As for the LOKI Wave I’ll be testing that out later!

Well apart from SEX!