Rio Lee’s ‘Confession of a Secretary’

In Today’s entry of Diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee used to work as a secretary in the city. Rio Lee confesses what happens when her boss asks her stay behind after work to receive her Christmas Bonus!

Rio Lee Secretary

‘I still remember the time when I worked as a Secretary in the City. I always found it so much fun to wear extra high heels (black of course), seamed stockings with suspender belt, black french lacy underwear, knee length pin stripe skirt, crisp white shirt, hair in a pony tail and glasses. All very standard but mine was extra tight! I knew that my boss who was older than me and married, always followed the seam of my stockings, up my legs and he probably imagined what followed under my skirt. He often patted my thigh when talking to me, probably felt the suspender belt underneath which made me smile. Continue reading Rio Lee’s ‘Confession of a Secretary’