Morning glory? Give them to me!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Morning! I’m up early as having been buzzing off my weekend as I had so much fun! I headed out on Saturday to Mode in Notting Hill which was hosting a Brazilian night and OMG do we know how to party! I was picked up by sexy hot friend Mr ‘D’ in his convertable who was dressed to kill. I was running late as per usual & threw on a sexy hot red dress with gold heels & red hippie and ran out of the door to meet him.

I love hanging out with Mr ‘D’ as we have so much fun together! Brazilian night was filled with so many sexy hot girls & a sprinkling of dashing men (so boys this is definitely as place you need to head to……..girls totally out numbered the guys). I LOVE a club that entertains and I was pleasantly surprised to see on the stage as well as the scantily clad hot sexy girls, 2 hot guys in tight shorts, fuck yes! Best way to get us girls hot under the collar for sure! There was fire cannons, glitter balls and live vocalists which got the party off to a great start. I spent the night flirting with the hot guys and heard that a famous swingers party was supposed to be hosting a new night.


To be honest recently I’ve been disappointed with the swingers nights & fetish nights out in London, I remember the days of amazing entertainment of LIVE SEX shows, incredible acts, waiters that brought you Champagne and hostesses that introduced new couples to each other. The last year all of the sex parties I’ve attended have lacked this entertainment and I’ve noticed most new couples who attend seem to be too nervous to approach each other & venues have really lacked the wow factor! The best sex parties I’ve been having recently are ones that I’ve been having with girlfriends and couples that invite me along to join them. Anyway……opps sorry my mind always flicks back to SEX.

After flirting and getting a few numbers we headed over to FIRE a warehouse club which was hosting a great night, 3 rooms of house and everyone was partying till the early hours where at 6am we headed to LIGHTBOX till heading back to Mr ‘Ds’ house where I ended up meeting his sexy hot friend and had a hot 3some! OMG I so needed a good fucking and what better way to do it than with 2 fit as fuck guys with stamina. When one got tired then I got to fuck his friend too……………rahhhh perfect way to end on a Sunday having a Roast!


Sunday Roast

What better way to spend the day then having a traditional English Sunday Roast!


Sinful Sunday with Miss Rio Lee xx

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Whether it be a naughty 3some with a sexy girlfriend, a couple who would love me to join them or a full blown swingers party then of course I’d love to join you.

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