Going to Hollywood Baby!

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has decided to go the land of dreams and hopes to land a part in a Hollywood Porno!

I’m so excited as I’m planning to head to Los Angeles in search of some very famous American hot porn studs!!!


I’m planning what to take with me right now, so far in my suitcase I have 2 pairs of stripper heels, some bikinis, more heels, some sexy lingerie from Agent Provocateur, more heels, my travel companion (sex toy!!) dresses from Celebrity Boutique, coconut oil, ripped jeans and actually no real clothes!

So lets hope its hot enough for me to be wearing bikinis or lingerie because thats all I’ve got LOL.

I shall be blogging about my adventures to the land of Porn over the next few weeks so keep reading boys!