Speak to the Microphone!

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has been asked to review the Lelo Smart Wand which is guaranteed for 10 years!


Ok so I was sent the Lelo Wand to review, which looks like a huge microphone and is £120!!! Fuck me!!! So honestly I broke the first one in a week and then had to embarrassedly go and return it, however it was exchanged immediately!

Its incredible (although extremely large NOT A HANDBAG toy at all!) as it increases in power aka vibrations as it senses your body! No need to press awkward buttons during your climax, I just sat back and relaxed!



Sex toys! Yes please!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Rio Lee got bored of waiting to find a willing male to test out the new LOKI Wave & just couldn’t help herself so she decided to try it out herself.


Ok guys its 1.39am and I’m watching ‘Suits’ and getting really fucking horny and turned on by the sexy male Lawyer so I’ve got my Sexline on incase anyone fancies giving me a call. Curiosity gets the best of me and I decide to try out the LOKI Wave for the vibrations. Sounds weird but hey I’ve used an electric toothbrush, batteries from a tv remote, an adult TV station even put a lawn mower inside a casing for the girls to get off on!  There is loads you can get off to, trust me!LELO_LOKI-WAVE_Packaging-Shot_Obsidian_Black_2x_0


So I get the LOKI Wave out of the packaging and because of how the Wave is shaped, it isn’t comfortable for insertion so instead I position the toy externally instead. I’m in mid-flow and suddenly my sexline rings which is perfect as it a guy is wanking away too! So I come, I say it like that because I’d give the LOKO Wave a Screaming O 8/10 for a women’s Orgasm! This toy is definitely made for men………..so I’ll get back to you once I have a willing open minded guy!LELO_Packaging_Shot_LILY_2_Plum

As I’m still bloody horny, I pick up the Lelo Lily 2 which is rechargeable, waterproof bullet! It also has a matt surface which is so much better for a women to play with, or even a partner because the ‘matt’ finish ensures the bullet doesn’t slip away at that vital moment of cumming!

Its fatter than most bullets I’ve used and incredibly another guy calls my sexline! Fuck me, perfect! He’s been out partying late and is horny as fuck and is talking about partying on my pussy lol!

So its time to put the Lelo Lily 2 to the test as I’m fucking horny as fuck!

I start running the Lelo Lily 2 all over my nipples making them rock hard (as this toy is also great as an all over body massager) and as its nice and fat the bullet doesn’t slip! All the way down to my shaven wet pussy, I imagine a guy could easily hold this bullet too as its bent in the perfect way, and I run it between my pussy lips, parting them slowly and gently, teasing them like a tongue, I love the way the Lelo Lily 2 feels as it slowly increases my orgasm, making my thighs tense, I ache my back and push the Lelo Lily 2 over my clit, pulsing it around, my pussy gets wetter and wetter and I can’t help but to cum hard!

I’ll give this a Screaming O 10/10 because that was fucking incredible!


Sex toy for men?!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Hi boys, I’ve been excited as I’ve been nipping across London in our famous black cabs to pick up 2 sex toys sent to me by a sex toy company. One is the LOKI Wave which is described as the ‘come hither vibrating prostate massager’ & the other is the Lelo Lily 2 with apparently a bouquet of red wine & chocolate which to me sounds like a bit of a giggle, first what a mixture of smell, it half reminds me of a ‘red wine unfortunate incident I had a long time ago…cock & white sofa…..we don’t have to go into it, trust me’. So I’m assuming its supposed to be the colour of it.

So I quickly email my contact at Lelo and clarify that the ‘chocolate & red wine’ refers to the worlds first ever ‘chocolate infused sex toy & a ‘plum colour’. Wow incredible, read more about this here



So I quickly charge up both toys and am quite excited to see the Lelo Wave looks like a snake or a out of control hosepipe as it rapidly moves back and forth. I’ll take a sex toy over a box of chocolates anyday so luckily I now have a ‘chocolate scented’ bullet! So much better than lingerie (which is always hard to get the size right) and much more enjoyment!

Anyway so the LOKI Wave is for guys! Yes meant for men, I know boys we don’t talk about the fact your ‘ex girlfriend on a drunken night accidentally stuck a finger up your ass’ do we. But is meant for men. I’m quite jealous as looking at it, it looks like a female vibrator, has great vibrations and something I’d like to play with myself.


The only thing is I need a very opened minded guy to actually try this out on! And plus it’ll be so much easier than having to use a strap-on on a guy or a manual dildo! And so much nicer than using a finger which can scratch and damage a guys ass! Plus not to mention my posh manicure! Now I’m sure I know what you are thinking boys, the video makes a lot of you run for the hills as this would be a stretch even for myself, however this sex toy can also be used externally too! Although saying that I have been asked to fist a guys ass before so anything is possible.

However I’d much rather use it on myself as I love to use toys and the great thing is that this sex toy is for both men & women!


Lelo also has the ‘Millionaires’ , Sugar Daddies or simply a man who knows the way to a girls heart SEX TOY!


A £10k 24 Karat Sex Toy called the Inez! If you are a guy who loves Iced watches or especially adds extra diamonds to your collection then this is the perfect gift for your lady! I’m still waiting for someone generous to gift me one of those 😉





So being the fact its a Sunday and I’m naked in bed apart from a pair of ankle socks, watching the TV series ‘Suits’ on Netflix & waiting for a horny guy to CALL ME as there is nothing I LOVE better than chatting to a guy about his fantasies or about what he wants to do with me in bed & both of us mastubating together! Plus don’t forget I’m supposed to be reviewing the Lelo Lily 2 SEX Toy! Any excuse for a quick play!

I’d give the Lily 2 Sex Toy a ‘Screaming O’ 10/10 as it made me cum in under 30 seconds! As for the LOKI Wave I’ll be testing that out later!

Well apart from SEX!