Sex Advice

In todays’ diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee has received an Email to asking her for some SEX ADVICE


Hi Rio

Love the new website and blog.

I thought I would get the ball rolling with your advice on how best to eat pussy. Could you give an account of how you think it should be done and what the “no-nos” are, as well as the best techniques you have encountered. Sometimes I am at a loss where to start. Also what’s the best position for a woman to be in when she get’s eaten out?

Look forward to the advice

Tim x



Hi Tim,

Thanks for the Email & thanks for the feedback!

I think the best position for a women to be in when she get’s eaten out is the one she is the most relaxed in, normally on her back with her legs spread!

The worst technique I’ve ever seen is when a man with a very big ego convinced me that he was the ‘best pussy licker EVER!’ and he literary stuck his tongue out, moved it up and down for 5 seconds, then stood up and said “You see, I’m incredible aren’t I?”


Every girl is different but I suggest its a tease!

First find the clit (I have my hood pierced so that it is like a big arrow for the guys to see my clit underneath & so that they don’t miss it!)

Once you find the clit, don’t touch it, kiss the inside thighs, lick, kiss, blow, suck everything else around it!

DON’T ram your fingers in her pussy her screams won’t be of pleasure let me tell you!!!!

Then listen to her, if she doesn’t moan in delight then gentlemen you are doing it wrong so ask her what she likes.


If a girl pushes your head away then for god’s sake don’t think this is a sign of encouragement to carry on licking her! She is subtly saying

“Hey big boy, I’m too bloody sensitive so get the fuck off; or you just haven’t asked me what I like you selfish prick!” LOL

Ask her what she likes as your technique with your last girlfriend isn’t going to work on her!

If you get jaw ache then you are doing something right (lets hope ;))

Use a vibrating bullet like your tongue (helps with the jaw ache) 


Watch how she uses a vibrating bullet it’ll help you understand what she likes you to do!

Some girls prefer toys as they can’t come when a guy licks her pussy! This isn’t an insult its just a preference, just like whether you prefer a blowjob or being wanted off.


If you would like some SEX ADVICE, Email

Sex toys! Yes please!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Rio Lee got bored of waiting to find a willing male to test out the new LOKI Wave & just couldn’t help herself so she decided to try it out herself.


Ok guys its 1.39am and I’m watching ‘Suits’ and getting really fucking horny and turned on by the sexy male Lawyer so I’ve got my Sexline on incase anyone fancies giving me a call. Curiosity gets the best of me and I decide to try out the LOKI Wave for the vibrations. Sounds weird but hey I’ve used an electric toothbrush, batteries from a tv remote, an adult TV station even put a lawn mower inside a casing for the girls to get off on!  There is loads you can get off to, trust me!LELO_LOKI-WAVE_Packaging-Shot_Obsidian_Black_2x_0


So I get the LOKI Wave out of the packaging and because of how the Wave is shaped, it isn’t comfortable for insertion so instead I position the toy externally instead. I’m in mid-flow and suddenly my sexline rings which is perfect as it a guy is wanking away too! So I come, I say it like that because I’d give the LOKO Wave a Screaming O 8/10 for a women’s Orgasm! This toy is definitely made for men……… I’ll get back to you once I have a willing open minded guy!LELO_Packaging_Shot_LILY_2_Plum

As I’m still bloody horny, I pick up the Lelo Lily 2 which is rechargeable, waterproof bullet! It also has a matt surface which is so much better for a women to play with, or even a partner because the ‘matt’ finish ensures the bullet doesn’t slip away at that vital moment of cumming!

Its fatter than most bullets I’ve used and incredibly another guy calls my sexline! Fuck me, perfect! He’s been out partying late and is horny as fuck and is talking about partying on my pussy lol!

So its time to put the Lelo Lily 2 to the test as I’m fucking horny as fuck!

I start running the Lelo Lily 2 all over my nipples making them rock hard (as this toy is also great as an all over body massager) and as its nice and fat the bullet doesn’t slip! All the way down to my shaven wet pussy, I imagine a guy could easily hold this bullet too as its bent in the perfect way, and I run it between my pussy lips, parting them slowly and gently, teasing them like a tongue, I love the way the Lelo Lily 2 feels as it slowly increases my orgasm, making my thighs tense, I ache my back and push the Lelo Lily 2 over my clit, pulsing it around, my pussy gets wetter and wetter and I can’t help but to cum hard!

I’ll give this a Screaming O 10/10 because that was fucking incredible!


What Sex Aid shall I buy my girlfriend?

Dear Rio Lee,

I really love watching a girl play with herself and my girlfriend has told me she can’t come without a sex toy. At first I was a bit insulted as surely she only should want my cock, but then she explained that all the pornstars used them so that turned me on. I offered to make her a mold of my cock……to which she laughed! I’ve seen some really crazy sex toys and have no idea what to buy her now……..can you help?

Mr Lost in a Sex Toy Shop

rio lee dildo

Dear Mr Lost in a Sex Toy Shop

Thanks for writing in to me. I love trying new sex toys and have tried most of them as I’m always lured in by a new toy. My most favourite sex toy is the standard £5 bullet as its so handy to keep in my handbag, it takes normal batteries or I can steal them from the tv remote or simply throw it away. I’d love to find a sex toy out there that works better than that!

Make sure you buy one with AA or AAA batteries there is nothing more annoying then buying a vibrator only to find after a night of passion I have to go to the special camera section in boots to replace it, embarrassing too if you are really horny!

Sex toys are always a personal choice but why don’t you buy your girlfriend a couples sex toy, like the wi-vibe (this is a sex toy that inserts into a girls pussy and you fuck her at the same time) so you can play too.

You could also buy a remote control egg sex toy (this is a sex toy gadget which u’ll love to control remotely), or you could get her a rabbit (the most popular sex toy around). There are a big difference between vibrators and dildos. Vibrators are more popular with girls as they are less work and because dildos really do make a girls arm ache!

I stupidly ordered a trio rabbit that has a clit tickler, a pussy rotator & an anal probe. I say stupidly as I was attracted to it as it kinda reminded me of a Star Wars light sabre but it took 4 AA batteries so as I was mastubating it was always a risk of my wrist ended up in a plaster cast as it ached so much with the weight of the batteries. I also find the rabbit is a really frustrating sex toy as the rotation works well but the tickler for the clit is just too soft whilst your pussy is being stimulated.

If she already has a lot of sex toys and you are giving her a special gift and are feeling extra generous then if it was me I’d like a sex toy I could use as an ornament such as one of the ones on here

I also recently tried out the wand by Lelo which is guaranteed for 10years and I broke it in a week! Opps! Luckily they replaced it straight away for me!

You can find a selection of Sex Toys on Love Honey or Ann Summers which are favourite shops of mine.

Love Rio Lee

Dear Rio….floppy & sloppy HELP?

Dear Rio,

I often get anxious when I meet a sexy hot pornstar like yourself and am really worried about if I can maintain my erection or will I pop early. I used to use vigra but I found my cock stayed hard for 4 to 8hrs which wasn’t ideal if I had to go home to see the wife. Do you have any other ideas as I find I can’t always get a hard-on after a few drinks?

Love Floppy Mike


Dear Floppy Mike,

Thanks for writing in, this is perfectly natural for a lot of men after a few drinks hunny and yes I am a big fan of viagra, kamgra and all of the pornstud aids as I love a good sex marathon! You won’t have an issue if you come and see me as I love to suck cock even a floppy one! However here are my pornstar tips to help with that pornstar erection!

1. Try a cockring, these can be bought here at Love Honey I’ve also randomly made cock rings out of a guys shoe laces, the top of a condom & a hairband (anything to keep it nice and hard). Make sure you place the cock ring around the balls too!

2. Try a delay spray (DON’T OVER SPRAY an ex of mine burnt the end of his cock with too many sprays)

3. Try the delay Durex condoms as they do work

4. Relax, stop and chillout, have a drink and wait a few minutes, the more you stress about it the more it becomes an issue.

Sinful Sundays

Sundays are lazy days for me!

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending the day in bed with a fuck buddy!

SEX, PORN, SEX, PORN, oh and why not lets have some more SEX!!!! Thats pretty much it! Oh and more SEX!!!!

I love #sinfulsundays and spending hours and hours without a care in the world, not having to worry about going anywhere at all…..

#sinfulsundays are my favourite day of the week!