NEW Sex Toys Needed!

This is where I want you as my sex toy!
This is where I want you as my sex toy!

I’m looking for new sex toys……the man kind lol! I want to use you for my sexual pleasure, I may even get my girlfriends over to use and abuse you! Play with your hard erect cock and make you lick my pussy till I cum over and over again! I LOVE using men as a human dildo to fuck me to heaven and back! I’d LOVE to get you to please me, I need to CUM………over and over!


Dear Rio….floppy & sloppy HELP?

Dear Rio,

I often get anxious when I meet a sexy hot pornstar like yourself and am really worried about if I can maintain my erection or will I pop early. I used to use vigra but I found my cock stayed hard for 4 to 8hrs which wasn’t ideal if I had to go home to see the wife. Do you have any other ideas as I find I can’t always get a hard-on after a few drinks?

Love Floppy Mike


Dear Floppy Mike,

Thanks for writing in, this is perfectly natural for a lot of men after a few drinks hunny and yes I am a big fan of viagra, kamgra and all of the pornstud aids as I love a good sex marathon! You won’t have an issue if you come and see me as I love to suck cock even a floppy one! However here are my pornstar tips to help with that pornstar erection!

1. Try a cockring, these can be bought here at Love Honey I’ve also randomly made cock rings out of a guys shoe laces, the top of a condom & a hairband (anything to keep it nice and hard). Make sure you place the cock ring around the balls too!

2. Try a delay spray (DON’T OVER SPRAY an ex of mine burnt the end of his cock with too many sprays)

3. Try the delay Durex condoms as they do work

4. Relax, stop and chillout, have a drink and wait a few minutes, the more you stress about it the more it becomes an issue.

Sexy Saturdays!

I LOVE the weekends……..especially Saturday as you have the whole weekend to have fun, fun, fun and not worry about work the next day! I love partying on a Saturday night, ideally in a posh hotel suite with you, me and a sexy girlfriend! Sharing is caring baby! I Love getting dressed up and jumping in a taxi to come and meet you for a naughty sex session!

Rio Lee naked! I love spending Saturdays Naked!


Rio Lee’s ‘Confession of a Secretary’

In Today’s entry of Diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee used to work as a secretary in the city. Rio Lee confesses what happens when her boss asks her stay behind after work to receive her Christmas Bonus!

Rio Lee Secretary

‘I still remember the time when I worked as a Secretary in the City. I always found it so much fun to wear extra high heels (black of course), seamed stockings with suspender belt, black french lacy underwear, knee length pin stripe skirt, crisp white shirt, hair in a pony tail and glasses. All very standard but mine was extra tight! I knew that my boss who was older than me and married, always followed the seam of my stockings, up my legs and he probably imagined what followed under my skirt. He often patted my thigh when talking to me, probably felt the suspender belt underneath which made me smile. Continue reading Rio Lee’s ‘Confession of a Secretary’

Naughty Nurse Rio Lee

In today’s entry of Diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee confesses to love to play dress up, especially in a sexy nurses uniform.Rio Nurse

‘There is something still oh so naughty about dressing up as a nurse. The white uniform, nylons, tight bra, red lips (that was my own add-on).

Maybe its the sexy uniform?! Maybe its the thought of being a bossy Matron and abusing of the position of care?! Maybe its the thought of being on my hands and knees and being told what to do by a strict doctor in the medicine storage cupboard?! Continue reading Naughty Nurse Rio Lee