1. In todays diary of a Pornstar RIO LEE, is a worldwide companion


Sure I’d LOVE to, just book a hotel, or invite me to yours, order me a cab & I’ll be straight there.


1 hr £500

additional hours £200 each hour

plus cab

*please note home visits require a landline, cab is paid by the client in advance.


Partners in crime in Marbella

In Today’s entry of Diary of a Pornstar:

40016_1237224990766_56701_nRio Lee is flying to Marbella in Spain for a wicked weekend away with her best friend Summer Love. Rio Lee is attending the famous Champagne Party at the Ocean club, where models in bikinis and the uber rich, party in the sun and spray each other with 10,000 bottles of Champagne!

‘Its’ August Bank Holiday Weekend (which is a long public weekend in the UK) and as its normally the last big party weekend of the Summer. I’ve decided to fly down to Marbella in the South of Spain for a party weekend away with my best friend ‘Summer Love’ who I would describe as a beautiful blonde version of me! ‘Summer Love’ is one of my best friends and boy does this girl know how to have a good time. She always looks like a million dollars, its VIP all the way and her entry card is; ‘Hi I’m cock sucking Summer Love’. Continue reading Partners in crime in Marbella