Mr Rugby Balls

I just had a visual memory of a very sexy guy who I liked to call ‘Mr Rugby balls’ who I used to date a while ago who apart from having crazy sex, he always treated me like a princess with treats and gifts and one day even gave me a ‘rugby ball’ just because I asked him to.


So sending him a big kiss wherever you are!

Kisses Rio Lee

12 hours off the radar mastubating!

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has some amazing news to report to you all! So I’ve been asked to review the new Loki Wave Lelo SEX TOY! So to give it a good ‘testing’ I decided to break my record of wanking for 6 hours straight and hit a record of a full 12 hours straight of wanking! If that isn’t a full on test of the new Lelo LOKI WAVE SEX TOY then good luck!!!?!


So I set myself up in my fluffy white wet, I was naked apart from a pair of sexy stockings and I decided to flick through porn. Normally I am playing with 3 toys all at once plus scrolling down the free porn sites, I never watch the movies as my concentration level in my full perv mode needs lots of visual stimulation!

This method to be perfectly honest is a pain in the ass as imagine I’m in mid playing with my pussy, working my ass with a butt plug, using a dildo in my pussy and have a bullet on my clit, then to keep scrolling down the page I have to stop! My fingers are all juicy and I’ve lost my flow, BOLLOX!!!


But I’m telling you THE LOKI WAVE toy is revolutionary!!!! I can actually position the toy balancing on the bed so it actually moves back and forth on my holes, teasing my pussy, teasing my ass and touching my clit! NO FUCKING HANDS!!!! OMG seriously plus then I have my hands free to scroll through porn!

Best ever invention for you boys as you can buy your missus one and it leaves your hands free to wank your cock in her mouth and feed it to her!


It was a full on 12 hours of continuous ‘solo session’ & my pussy was still up for more as it was teased to perfection! All I need is a massive screen, automatic scrolling now and a cock in my mouth!!!

WHOOP WHOOP! 12 hours record breaking!!!

Seriously send me your SEX TOYS to test!!!!!


Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday………Let’s face it, who doesn’t LOVE TITS, big tits, small tits, sloppy tit wanks, pornstar tits!!!

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I’ve got a fantastic pair of FF tits………FUCKING FANTASTIC!!!!!