Tips & Advice for Pornstar bookings


Here are some tips for booking me…………

Just be friendly when you call me once you know exactly what you want: 07918745199

Be a SUPER ELITE GENTLEMAN and pre-plan ahead! If you are inviting a ‘date’ to your house/hotel you are entertaining!!!! Would you invite a friend over without having a clean & tidy house, not have drinks or toiletries ???? SUPER ELITE GENTLEMEN are incredible hosts!


A SUPER ELITE gentleman when asking his date to visit him for an outcall booking should always provide the following:

  1. A Welcome smile
  2. Name, Address (landline if an INCALL) or send a driver
  3. $$ is settled before the date begins
  4. Drinks (perhaps ask ur date what she enjoys to drink instead of offering her what you have
  5. A ‘rate’ is gifted for amount of time, always pre-plan how long you plan to stay together for the gift exchanged in advance.
  6. If the gentleman has any requests such as particular outfit or role play then its always good to give his date a heads’ up so she can bring what she has along, or he can provide a particular outfit or gift her in advance so she can purchase the outfit.
  7. Overnight bookings or extended stays. If you are enjoying more of a GFE booking then some sleep should be included in the booking, always discuss whether it is a party booking or a romantic booking in advance. If you are partying then make sure your ‘date’ has everything she needs to feel comfortable! Ask her if she feels comfortable sleeping over or would she prefer to have her own room? Would she prefer to head home instead of doing the walk of shame? Always make sure your dates’ driver/ride is already outside waiting instead of making her wait on the street as it draws attention to both of you.
  8. CONDOMS, CONDOMS, CONDOMS the amount of men who don’t have their own supplies during outcalls is ridiculous, if you are married then make sure you tell you date to bring what you require from condoms, toys, outfits. If you are married of course a VIP ESCORT will bring everything you need to the party!
  9. The SUPER ELITE MEMBER gets tested every 30 days, uses condoms & treats their dates with the respect they deserve or they get the whip on their balls 😉
  10. Get to know your date beforehand so that you both can plan the date to perfection! I LOVE to chat to my dates on my
  11. If you are more of a LAST MINUTE GUY who fancies me to join him or you to come to mine, sure JUST CALL ME 07918745199, its impossible 4 me to come to your hotel if you don’t provide the information, ur name, ur room number and the address.
  12. Please note I only see CLEAN, STD tested guys (must have a 4 week test from NHS or private clinic I know)

Review from Jeremy

Singapore Sling….I mean Fling!
When Rio tweeted about going on an Asian tour, I was having an OMG moment, and I could not pass up the chance to invite her to Singapore as a birthday treat for myself. She even said she’d pick out a sexy dress and a sexy little number for date. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I met her at her hotel and presented her with a rose (cos I’m that kind of guy), and upon meeting her, she is so incredibly beautiful and open, and makes you feel so at ease. We went to the high rise club for some drinks, talk about her travels, life and other naughty little things.
We went back to the hotel, and I went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I got out, there she was, lying on the bed waiting, wearing a sexy little number she talked about – a black lacy minimal shelf bra that showed her incredible tits and chocolate nipples, and a matching pair of crotchless panties. I started with kissing/licking of her feet and made my way up to her pussy. As I was eating her pussy, she pulled out a leather whip and whipped my ass twice, because I was a bit naughty during our date. I remember 69ing each other, and I spanked Rio’s ass hard that it caught her by surprise, I felt her mouth around my cock. I was surprised too and I loved every fucking minute of it till I came. Best fucking night ever, best fucking birthday ever, and thank you for being my first fuck! Till we cross paths again!

Review from Steve

I’ve spoken to Rio on many occasions over the years on her phone sex line. I love her flithy mind and I had been building myself up to see her for ages. We’ve all seen her wild side on her social media, so I was a little scared of what to expect. Rio was totally unexpected, really down to earth, a fun girl intelligent girl to be around. I loved the way she immediately put me at ease from the moment I met her. She was efficient in organizing the booking, prompt at making arrangements & blew my mind that I had to extend my time with her till the early hours of the morning! Rio explained that she never commits to a very long booking until she has met you as its important that you both get on very well and she is more than happy to extend if so. I shall definitely be back to see her as soon as possible.

Review from Iman

Rio is the best Pornstar Date you can imagine. Her killer looks, smokey seductress eyes and expensive tastes are everything I wanted. I LOVE women who know what they want and I LOVE to spend money on them.

I took Rio to Harrods, everyone knows Harrods its only for women who have good taste! Of course we started off with a shopping spree for lingerie, a dress, heels and jewelry as I need my women to look good when she is on my arm.

Then my driver picked Rio up took her to the spa to get her ready for our date. Rio arrived straight out of the salon, of course I picked up the bill and my driver delivered this devine goddess to me! I was the envy of all the men in the room,

I won’t go into detail of our night as I’m a private man but if you want the best then this is the best!

Thank Fuck its Friday!

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Well is there much to say apart from THANK FUCK ITS FRIDAY?!?! Hell Yeah!!!!


Whether you are out in the pub having a beer with the boys, on your way home & if you are still at bloody work then sneaky off immediately!!!! Cause the weekend starts here!!!