Welcome Naughty!

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Hello boys and girls, My name is Rio Lee and I’m an Award Winning Adult Film Star and model. I’ve been told I look Exotic and I LOVE SEX, passion and all things naughty!

I LOVE hearing from everyone & LOVE it when you contact me!

I’m a XXXrated Pornstar that loves SEX! I have 34DD tits, a round Brazilian bottom & Oriental Eyes!

I’m available to fly worldwide to visit you so if you’d like to see me then please get in touch.

I’m single & LOVE to travel. If you wish to take me out for dinner, fancy a pornstar date, or would love a travel companion then feel free to get in touch.

This my email riolee69@gmail.com feel free to email me for details if you wish to see me personally. I’m happy to answer any initial brief questions, then will ask you to CALL ME or JOIN MY PRIVATE MSG SITE/WEBCAM so we can talk discreetly & privately

This is NOT ESCORTING or PROSTITUTION, you are simply gifting me for my time with you! Please don’t email me asking for services, extras, meets or anything else that is associated with the above.



Porn Agent contact me on any social media site or email riolee69@gmail.com

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Bit of Kinkiness in the House

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has been thinking back to a very kinky guy she met recently. I love men who are open about their naughty fantasies and don’t feel shy about sharing them with me! I met this guy who wanted me to take charge………tie him up and abuse him, use his big beautiful cock for my pleasure!

I decided to surprise him and dress up in some kinky black hold ups, killer heels and black leather bondage gear which showed off  my sexy curves to perfection! My chocolate nipples were straining under my coat as I wanted to tease him slowly before slipping my coat to the floor!


I loved the way I could see his cock grow to attention and he told me how he really had a thing for having his ass played with while I licked his balls and he wanked his cock! I got one of my small rubber butt plugs out and lubed it up before inserting deep inside his ass.

Wanking, spitting, sucking and fucking his ass while I told him about the last time I had amazing sex, naked in a pool in Thailand with this hot guy in front of the manager of the hotel!

I fucked his ass harder and told him how I wanted his hot salty load all over my big FF tits!

“Fucking give it to me, soak me with all that spunk baby!”

hmmmm if you’d like to tell me about your ‘secret kink’ then just email me on riolee69@gmail.com

Worldwide Pornstar Dating

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

I’ve decided to say “yes” to opportunities, events, parties and of course worldwide pornstar bookings!


Anywhere and everywhere I want to do it and live my life! I’m single and plan to make the most of my life starting with trying to manage AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 FUCKS! LOL

*****USA APRIL 2016/Los Angeles/Vegas/New York/Chicago/Houston/Miami********

I’ll be based in Los Angeles however I would love to come and see you personally for a Pornstar Date!

I’d love to have you book me for a PORNSTAR DATE and entertain me in your city so if you need a partner in crime for a crazy pornstar party, a relaxing daytime beach booking, perhaps a shopping spree followed by dinner & then me as dessert, you know I’m the girl for you!


I’m also available to be a companion if you are on business travelling. Whilst you do your business commitments I’ll entertain myself pampering in the spa, hitting the gym and shopping for sexy lingerie for when you finish work where we can head for dinner, perhaps drinks but definitely ‘dessert’.


If you are flying into London and need a tour guide with a difference, then I’ll show you the sites and keep you company!

For any genuine requests please email me riolee69@gmail.com

Paris Lovers

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee LOVES Paris the city of Love & would love to have a personal invitation to anywhere in France.

I’m in LOVE with le french accent and can’t wait to have some ‘french baguette’  and yes of course I mean HOT COCK!


I LOVE the idea of having a naughty day and evening with a french lover, lunch followed by a personal tour of the city, teasing and building up to perhaps a romantic dinner & a show………….

As its Paris of course some french lingerie shopping is a MUST! And I’ve always fancied going to see the Moulin Rouge all those sexy burlesque topless sexy girls is guaranteed to get us in the mood.

Its normal for french men to have a mistress so I’d love to be your mistress behind closed doors too!

I don’t tour a particular place as I’d rather come to see you for a personal Pornstar date.

I love to travel and will quite happily come to see you if I am available.


contact riolee69@gmail.com

Big kisses

Rio Lee

This is NOT ESCORTING or PROSTITUTION, you are simply gifting me for my time with you! Please don’t email me asking for services, extras, meets or anything else that is associated with the above.

Sex Slave Fantasy……

In todays’ diary of a Porn star:

Rio Lee has a SEX SLAVE FANTASY…………

I LOVE MEN who adore WOMEN! I love the idea of having a sexy hottie like yourself come and give me the special attention I deserve!

Its all about my killer spiked heels and my black wet look dress!


I want you to wear my sex plaything collar, I’ll hold you on a lease, while you start licking my boots, slowly peeping underneath my skirt, you cheekily smile as you see I’ve got no panties on! Opps! You are hungry for my pussy pie, but like a ‘good boy’ you need to wait! My double FF tits are too delicious to not have lots of kisses.

You start hungrily start licking and sucking my chocolate nipples, delighted they stand erect to attention!

I look at you with my dark brown eyes and pink smile and say:

“SLOWLY……….kiss me slowly…….I want you to take your time and explore every inch of my body!”



“I have my playful whip at the ready if you are a naughty boy you get a playful spank!”

“Now start worshipping my round bottom!”

I’ve also picked up a new cat-o-nine-tails perfect for teasing you naughty boys or putting you under my control if you choose to be bad!

This fantasy is perfect for someone who fancies trying something new, something wild,I’ll safely take you beyond your boundaries, tempting you with my pouting red lips, my flashing dark eyes and of course my naughty laugh!

I also love ‘tie and tease sessions all the way up to hardcore dominatrix sessions!

As I always say

“You can’t swerve your perv and I do LOVE a kinky perv!”

For a 50 Shades of Grey Date please drop me a line with your ideal fantasy on riolee69@gmail.com



Stripper Fantasy

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has just received an Email from Mr C telling her about a naughty fantasy he has in mind for her!


Hi Rio

i come down to London regularly, and hope to meet you.

i have a very dirty mind and love trading your blog.

i have so many horny dreams.  one horny dream is that you are a lapdancer and i am a plain clothes detective and we raid your place of work, where i frisk you for drugs as an excuse for a cheeky grope!

the thought of me touching you and getting my hands all over is such a turn on.

and whilst my hands are all over you, you rub your arse on my cock making me rock hard.

i unzip my trousers and ride you doggy whilst pulling your hair!

you demand it more and tell me to fuck harder….

im am sweating profusely and you pull me to the floor and ride me senseless this time pulling my hair, and telling me im a dirty bastard who needs and deserves a good fucking.

maybe we can do that some time….

Love Mr C


Dear Mr C

ohhhh hello Chris,

Well aren’t you a dirty minded boy ha!
I love your story and I can imagine I’m wearing a tiny pink g-string stripper heels and start flicking my hair all over you, I accidentally (on purpose) brush my erect nipples on your chest…………
You look at me with that cheeky look and I can see you have a ‘truncheon hidden in your trousers 😉
Hmmmm I love you naughty story but it would be so much more fun if it were in person!
Winks Rio Lee x

Fuck me like Bond

In todays diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee has just seen the new James Bond movie and is head over heels for ‘James Bond!


I have a thing for men in suits at the moment! I love the tv series ‘suits’ and have always LOVED James Bond so at the moment all my fantasies seem to be addicted to men in suits.

I LOVE the idea of pulling you towards me with your tie, throwing your papers off your desk, you picking me up and lifting my skirt up and fucking me on your desk, against the window of your office against the London skyline, hard, hot aggressive SEX.


12195863_10153732647702498_5020945400979693952_n (1)


Fucking you in a lift, racing around in a fast car and me giving you a blowjob, whisking me away in a helicopter to a penthouse to fuck me in a hot tub drinking Champagne. Hot, panting, sex!

Disappearing into a hidden secret room behind a bookshelf, speeding away on a speedboat and fucking you on the beach of desert Island!

Skiing down the slopes and fucking on a shagpile rug against a roaring fire! Crazy, wild SEX!

You in a tailored suit of course! Me squeezing you between my thighs as we struggle, you pinning my arms above my head! James Bond Style SEX