Pornstar Dating Tips & Advice

Rio Lee’s tips & advice for Pornstar dating:

I’m happy to everyone for escort bookings. I get a lot of bullshitters, time wasters & spam. So to make it easier for me to shift through the guys:

  1. CALL ME on (its a $ phone chat service, if you can afford a small phone call you certainly can afford to date me)
  2. JOIN MY Membership Club for as little as $20 where we can chat on private message, webcam & you also can view my recent private photos

All Members, who tip me get my personal phone number so you can call me to arrange a booking straight away.

Once you have joined then you can either call me or private message me

I love last minute ‘dates’ as I’m always horny! I require the following:

  1. Full name
  2. Number of the hotel & address
  3. Room number
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Date/time/length of date
  6. Requests

I will then call you on your mobile to arrange a time in which it is suitable for me to call you in your room.

I will then ask you to arrange a driver Uber or Lyft to pick me up as my travel is always paid for in case of last minute cancelations.


For pre-booked overseas clients or clients who I have to travel a distance to see:

I do out calls only so just simply book a hotel:

  1. Full name
  2. Number of the hotel & address
  3. Room number
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Date/time/length of date
  6. Requests
  7. Travel costs gifted in advance
  8. 50% of the gift in advance
  9. Remaining 50% on arrival


I then expect my $$$ gift to be given to me in an envelope on arrival so we both can relax without me having to ask for it or to be deposited straight into my bank before the date begins.

Any extensions of our ‘time’ together must be discussed within the first 30 minutes so we can plan our date & any extensions of time must be ‘gifted’ within the time already booked.

I always suggest if you possibly might extend to have the necessary $$$ tucked away to save yourself the hassle of heading to the ATM/Cash point.

I don’t take bank transfers/paypal/cheques or monie orders. I only take cash gifts in advance unless you are a pre-booking a ‘date’

I LOVE planning our dates so if you have a particular request for a sexy outfit or role play fantasy lets start chatting and planning it as this is like foreplay for me!

Quickest way for you to get in contact with me is to CALL ME on 





Mistress Mondays

In today’s diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee loves the idea of being your private mistress!


Its perfect you can come and cheat with me and have a private affair!

I’d love to find a gentleman who loves to spend time with a lady that loves to make him happy. I’m currently looking for the perfect arrangement so please get in touch if this is what you are looking for.

Drop me a line with a little about yourself, if you have been a Sugar Daddy before and what that arrangement consisted of on