Lunchtime Quickie

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee’s FANTASY OF THE DAY is to have an afternoon quickie!

I’m really getting off on the fact of seducing a guy in the afternoon! I love the idea that he has snuck away from work, perhaps even pencilled me in for a naughty afternoon pretend meeting just to sneek off and see me!

There is something really wrong about telling your colleagues that you have to pop out for a made up excuse just to come over to mine to have some SEX!

It could be anytime even for a lunchtime quickie only to return to the office again to resume work! Imagine how quickly your day would go after we saw each other 😉


Your boring mundane meetings or your work on site would fly by! This is especially good for any guy who has a slave driver boss! I expect you’d find it very hard not to smile when you are getting your monthly review or having to pile through your work load when you are remembering what we got up to on our naughty adventures.

I once had a guy who was so stressed with work he just had to pop over, pop in and pop off! Afternoon quickie stress relief! He use to head out with the boys after work but after getting married his wife would expect him home at a certain time so sometimes he’d pop by on his way home 😉

hmmmm I’m hoping I’ll see a naughty guy this afternoon as I’m in that flithy mood………..

Fancy a quickie? click here

Fuck me like Bond

In todays diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee has just seen the new James Bond movie and is head over heels for ‘James Bond!


I have a thing for men in suits at the moment! I love the tv series ‘suits’ and have always LOVED James Bond so at the moment all my fantasies seem to be addicted to men in suits.

I LOVE the idea of pulling you towards me with your tie, throwing your papers off your desk, you picking me up and lifting my skirt up and fucking me on your desk, against the window of your office against the London skyline, hard, hot aggressive SEX.


12195863_10153732647702498_5020945400979693952_n (1)


Fucking you in a lift, racing around in a fast car and me giving you a blowjob, whisking me away in a helicopter to a penthouse to fuck me in a hot tub drinking Champagne. Hot, panting, sex!

Disappearing into a hidden secret room behind a bookshelf, speeding away on a speedboat and fucking you on the beach of desert Island!

Skiing down the slopes and fucking on a shagpile rug against a roaring fire! Crazy, wild SEX!

You in a tailored suit of course! Me squeezing you between my thighs as we struggle, you pinning my arms above my head! James Bond Style SEX


Perfect Afternoon Date

In todays diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee was meeting Mr R who had planned an afternoon of pampering & fun by booking a date with her.

I was very excited as Mr R had planned this for quite sometime as we had often spoke about spending an afternoon together. He suggested I dress in a tight tweed pencil skirt, red shirt, stockings and heels and meet him for bite to eat to start off the afternoon. Mr R liked the idea of pretending I was his P.A. and we were having a lunch meeting.



I always love the excitement of flirting across the table, trying to keep your hands off each other, when all you want to do is rip each others clothes off. Mr R slid his hand on my thigh and smiled when he felt my stocking tops. I laughed as he readjusted his napkin and tried to hide his embarrassing hard-on.

As Mr R was playing my boss for the day he took charge.  Mr R had planned our whole afternoon which I love. He then told me the next part of our afternoon was a surprise and we jumped in a black cab and headed towards the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge where he had booked a room for us for the evening.


We dumped our bags & then we headed down to Harrods and headed to the personal shopper section as he insisted that he bought me a new dress for dinner & lingerie for dessert 😉 We sipped Champagne and the personal shopper ran around hunting for the perfect little black dress for me. Perfect way for men to take women shopping I think!

It was turning me on incredibly knowing that behind the changing room curtain I was trying on some beautiful lingerie all to later be revealing it to Mr R.

Mr R obviously had to give his personal opinion of the lingerie so snuck a quick peek behind the curtain.


We then headed back to the Mandarin Oriental where Mr R had booked us into the spa, where we slipped into white fluffy robes & then headed for a couples massage. I was totally naked under my robe & kept giving Mr R a cheeky look mainly in the hope of giving him another embarrassing hard-on.

The couples massage was in a softly lit room. I had a hot male massuer & Mr R had a hot female masseur. Both masseurs poured hot oil onto our bodies which felt incredible but was driving me insane. As all I was thinking about was SEX.

By the time we got back to the room we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and threw off the robes. Mr R threw me down on the bed and pounced on me, sliding his big cock straight inside my pussy. He grinded his cock against my clit ring, pinning my arms above me and fucked me hard. He fucked me over and over again whilst my pussy clenched on his cock, till we both came hard in a hot sweaty mess.


We jumped in the shower, where we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and ended up having another hot quickie before we headed for dinner, in my sexy little black dress.

After a fabulous dinner with Mr R flirting with the sexy waitress and me flirting with the barman we were ready to party.


So we headed to the bar for a few cocktails before heading back to the room to have a crazy ‘Porn Star Party till the early hours of the morning.

If you are like Mr R and would like to plan a naughty date with me, email me



Sex toy for men?!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Hi boys, I’ve been excited as I’ve been nipping across London in our famous black cabs to pick up 2 sex toys sent to me by a sex toy company. One is the LOKI Wave which is described as the ‘come hither vibrating prostate massager’ & the other is the Lelo Lily 2 with apparently a bouquet of red wine & chocolate which to me sounds like a bit of a giggle, first what a mixture of smell, it half reminds me of a ‘red wine unfortunate incident I had a long time ago…cock & white sofa…..we don’t have to go into it, trust me’. So I’m assuming its supposed to be the colour of it.

So I quickly email my contact at Lelo and clarify that the ‘chocolate & red wine’ refers to the worlds first ever ‘chocolate infused sex toy & a ‘plum colour’. Wow incredible, read more about this here



So I quickly charge up both toys and am quite excited to see the Lelo Wave looks like a snake or a out of control hosepipe as it rapidly moves back and forth. I’ll take a sex toy over a box of chocolates anyday so luckily I now have a ‘chocolate scented’ bullet! So much better than lingerie (which is always hard to get the size right) and much more enjoyment!

Anyway so the LOKI Wave is for guys! Yes meant for men, I know boys we don’t talk about the fact your ‘ex girlfriend on a drunken night accidentally stuck a finger up your ass’ do we. But is meant for men. I’m quite jealous as looking at it, it looks like a female vibrator, has great vibrations and something I’d like to play with myself.


The only thing is I need a very opened minded guy to actually try this out on! And plus it’ll be so much easier than having to use a strap-on on a guy or a manual dildo! And so much nicer than using a finger which can scratch and damage a guys ass! Plus not to mention my posh manicure! Now I’m sure I know what you are thinking boys, the video makes a lot of you run for the hills as this would be a stretch even for myself, however this sex toy can also be used externally too! Although saying that I have been asked to fist a guys ass before so anything is possible.

However I’d much rather use it on myself as I love to use toys and the great thing is that this sex toy is for both men & women!


Lelo also has the ‘Millionaires’ , Sugar Daddies or simply a man who knows the way to a girls heart SEX TOY!


A £10k 24 Karat Sex Toy called the Inez! If you are a guy who loves Iced watches or especially adds extra diamonds to your collection then this is the perfect gift for your lady! I’m still waiting for someone generous to gift me one of those 😉





So being the fact its a Sunday and I’m naked in bed apart from a pair of ankle socks, watching the TV series ‘Suits’ on Netflix & waiting for a horny guy to CALL ME as there is nothing I LOVE better than chatting to a guy about his fantasies or about what he wants to do with me in bed & both of us mastubating together! Plus don’t forget I’m supposed to be reviewing the Lelo Lily 2 SEX Toy! Any excuse for a quick play!

I’d give the Lily 2 Sex Toy a ‘Screaming O’ 10/10 as it made me cum in under 30 seconds! As for the LOKI Wave I’ll be testing that out later!

Well apart from SEX!


Single & Ready to Mingle

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

I’m looking for the perfect arrangement:




About me:

I am Exotic & I have a well spoken English voice with a good education. I love excitement, surprises & fun! I love to laugh & like a stress free life! I am a model and take pride in my appearance. Physical appearance is important to me so ideally I’d like to meet a man who also takes pride in his appearance.

I love pop up art exhibitions, unusual dining experiences & innovative cocktail bars. I love wild crazy parties in Ibiza and love to party but also love to relax on a sunbed and watch the sunset. I’d love to find the ideal partner in crime to share these times. I love snow capped mountains and bubbling hot tubs as much as I adore bikinis on beaches.

I love being pampered in world class spas as love taking care of myself. Its important for me to click with the right person as I cannot be fake at all and I am hoping to find a good friend.

I am independent and in control of my life however I’d love to meet the man who knows his own mind & is confident enough to make arrangements in advance.



I’d love to meet the man who can just say “Yes” . Who doesn’t take life seriously and can laugh at himself. I’m based in LA/London but am open to worldwide arrangements as I love to travel. I love men who work out, who take care of themselves & pride themselves on appearance.

I love a man who is passionate about life, enthusiastic about new experiences & is an old fashioned gentleman. A man who is confident, can make arrangements, surprise me & whisk me off my feet. I hate ‘promise men’ as I need a man with conviction and drive.

I love excitement & I am looking for the perfect partner in crime. I love spur of the moment ideas and whirlwind moments that whisk me off my feet. I am extremely open minded so would like to find someone who I can be myself with.

The perfect arrangement for me is a regular allowance to take care of my needs in advance.

I expect a ‘high arrangement’ so please do get in touch if this is what you are looking for. Being British its often hard to discuss £ so I can always give you an idea of my current lifestyle to get the ball rolling.

I see this as a potential relationship which may be a private mistress to those who are married or a potential girlfriend. I already can provide a very comfortable lifestyle myself so need a wealthy man to enhance my life.

Manners, Manners, Manners! I don’t date rude men who lack class!

I am currently looking for a Sugar Daddy based in the USA and in London, however I love to travel so am always available for the right gentleman

Date a Pornstar

My perfect date:

It could be meeting for Champagne & Cavier in Harrods, teasing you to hell, wandering up to the lingerie department & choosing the most sluttiest, sexiest lingerie, jumping in a cab & heading back to the hotel for a Pornstar Party.

Whats a pornstar party? It wild, crazy SEX SEX SEX! And if you can handle it I’ll invite my naughty girlfriends to join us………sharing is caring baby!


Its the sort of night that you might end up flying to Las Vegas with me & my hot girlfriend, fucking in the back of a limo, getting strippers (aka me & my girls) dancing & grinding on you, fucking in a hot tub, getting married through a drive through, days rolling into nights, rolling into “Shit!@* what day is it! FUCK!!!! I’ve missed my plane!”

How does that sound for a first date? 

Girls night out turns into girls night in!

In Today’s entry of Diary of a Pornstar,

Rio Lee & Reede Fox

Rio Lee is getting ready for a girls’ night out with her sexy curvy friend. Rio Lee & her girlfriend end up in the Jacuzzi and stay in for a wild night in! Continue reading Girls night out turns into girls night in!