Dear Rio……..

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has just received an Email from Graham who just read her blog post and wanted to tell you what he thought of her ‘cuckold’ fantasy!


Dear Rio –

My role play fantasy is that you’re my beautiful, sexy young wife (my 2nd wife) who only married me for my money. A couple of months after our wedding you tell me you are leaving me and moving in with my multi-millionaire father as you & him have been fucking since 2 months before our wedding. He even fucked you on our wedding day and can’t get enough of your gorgeous body. He buys you expensive gifts and you adore his huge cock – telling me you always faked it with me & that I have a pathetic little dick, like a maggot. You say he’s already introduced you to all of his rich friends as his loser son’s hot young wife & you’ve fucked some of them too.



You laugh as you tell me that you’ve also been fucking my father’s limo driver – a very tough black guy with a massive 10 inch plus cock. Then you tell me I have to go upstairs with you – because the black guy is up there right now and you’re going to make me strip naked,get on my knees & beg to suck him off & swallow his spunk. You say if I don’t, you’ll tell him to beat the shit out of me. You say you’re going to film it to show to my father’s friends – and you add that – soon – my father will be dropping by with even more black cocks to use and abuse me in many ways, while you & him watch and laugh. You tell me from now on, this is the only sex I’ll ever get.

If this fantasy is OK with you, could you Email me back please? GRAEME

Cuckold 127

Dear Graeme,

Hmmm I fucking LOVE that fantasy right now and I am creaming myself at the thought of that as I can picture it in my head right now! HA! Oh you definitely know exactly how to turn me on because thats’ exactly what I’d enjoy doing!

Love Rio Lee (your cheating wife)

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Cuckold fantasy

In today’s diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee admits what her all time favourite fantasy is!


I love the idea of being engaged or married and cheating on my partner! I just wasn’t made for being in a committed relationship! I would love to get engaged and wear my sexy diamond ring whilst I’m getting fucked by another man!

I’d go out with the girls and flirt with the boys, I would get a kick knowing my fiancé or husband is at home waiting for me! Of course I’d fuck the boys and be a real slut then come home and my partner can pamper me, run me a bath, give me a massage or simply fuck me hard whilst I tell him all the details!


Sometimes I’d send him photos or just post on my blog, I’d even miss dial his phone and keep it on loudspeaker whilst I fucked another man! I love the idea of him watching me on a spy camera whilst my slutty fiancé or husband secretly watching me fuck hot young and gorgeous studs!

My fiancé would even surprise me by setting up naughty encounters for me just because he knew it would keep me very happy!

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