Dear Rio….floppy & sloppy HELP?

Dear Rio,

I often get anxious when I meet a sexy hot pornstar like yourself and am really worried about if I can maintain my erection or will I pop early. I used to use vigra but I found my cock stayed hard for 4 to 8hrs which wasn’t ideal if I had to go home to see the wife. Do you have any other ideas as I find I can’t always get a hard-on after a few drinks?

Love Floppy Mike


Dear Floppy Mike,

Thanks for writing in, this is perfectly natural for a lot of men after a few drinks hunny and yes I am a big fan of viagra, kamgra and all of the pornstud aids as I love a good sex marathon! You won’t have an issue if you come and see me as I love to suck cock even a floppy one! However here are my pornstar tips to help with that pornstar erection!

1. Try a cockring, these can be bought here at Love Honey I’ve also randomly made cock rings out of a guys shoe laces, the top of a condom & a hairband (anything to keep it nice and hard). Make sure you place the cock ring around the balls too!

2. Try a delay spray (DON’T OVER SPRAY an ex of mine burnt the end of his cock with too many sprays)

3. Try the delay Durex condoms as they do work

4. Relax, stop and chillout, have a drink and wait a few minutes, the more you stress about it the more it becomes an issue.

Dear Rio …………

In todays’ diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee has just received an Email from Davey.


Dear Rio Lee,

I’d like to know how would you dominate me in a BITCHY but sexy way?

Love Davey


Dear Davey,

I’d LOVE to do some Role Play with you baby!

I’ll treat you like my doormat for my expensive heels darling! And I will enjoy using and abusing you for my selfish pleasure.

I’m into body worship, boot/high heel worship, tease and denial, tie and tease, sex slave, anal training, harsh handjobs, cbt, humiliation, cuckold humiliation, & of course role play.

From the moment you walk in my door I shall be in control, I shall collar you, teach you to be my sex plaything that I shall entertain myself with. If you are lucky I may let you kiss my feet! You shall address me by mistress at all times and I shall use u to pleasure me over and over again depending on how I see fit! :good:


rio-lee-15I shall be wearing a black pvc chained body, short leather skirt & I shall leave a collar for you in the bathroom to change into! I expect you to knee in front of me & be willing to please me! I want you to want to do anything at all to make me happy! I want to use every part of your body for my pleasure, my selfish pleasure of course!

If you are in my favour I shall allow you to take me shopping for beautiful things I want but do not need. Then I shall enjoy teasing you wearing my new things, watching your cock bulge and throb and ache for me!

If you are very good I may allow you to worship another girlfriend of mine & have you run around pleasing us!

Love Mistress Rio Lee

I LOVE 50 Shades of Grey Dates which can be for the beginner who wants to spice up his sexual experiences, for couples who want to try out their own 50 Shades of Grey & for the deviants who would like the full blown BDSM experience.

I am a switch so am open to most role play scenarios & sexual games whether that be in the privacy of a bedroom or in a fetish dungeon.

I also LOVE fetish & swinger parties so if you ever need a kinky Pornstar to be your plus 1 then please do get in touch.



Single & Ready to Mingle

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

I’m looking for the perfect arrangement:




About me:

I am Exotic & I have a well spoken English voice with a good education. I love excitement, surprises & fun! I love to laugh & like a stress free life! I am a model and take pride in my appearance. Physical appearance is important to me so ideally I’d like to meet a man who also takes pride in his appearance.

I love pop up art exhibitions, unusual dining experiences & innovative cocktail bars. I love wild crazy parties in Ibiza and love to party but also love to relax on a sunbed and watch the sunset. I’d love to find the ideal partner in crime to share these times. I love snow capped mountains and bubbling hot tubs as much as I adore bikinis on beaches.

I love being pampered in world class spas as love taking care of myself. Its important for me to click with the right person as I cannot be fake at all and I am hoping to find a good friend.

I am independent and in control of my life however I’d love to meet the man who knows his own mind & is confident enough to make arrangements in advance.



I’d love to meet the man who can just say “Yes” . Who doesn’t take life seriously and can laugh at himself. I’m based in LA/London but am open to worldwide arrangements as I love to travel. I love men who work out, who take care of themselves & pride themselves on appearance.

I love a man who is passionate about life, enthusiastic about new experiences & is an old fashioned gentleman. A man who is confident, can make arrangements, surprise me & whisk me off my feet. I hate ‘promise men’ as I need a man with conviction and drive.

I love excitement & I am looking for the perfect partner in crime. I love spur of the moment ideas and whirlwind moments that whisk me off my feet. I am extremely open minded so would like to find someone who I can be myself with.

The perfect arrangement for me is a regular allowance to take care of my needs in advance.

I expect a ‘high arrangement’ so please do get in touch if this is what you are looking for. Being British its often hard to discuss £ so I can always give you an idea of my current lifestyle to get the ball rolling.

I see this as a potential relationship which may be a private mistress to those who are married or a potential girlfriend. I already can provide a very comfortable lifestyle myself so need a wealthy man to enhance my life.

Manners, Manners, Manners! I don’t date rude men who lack class!

I am currently looking for a Sugar Daddy based in the USA and in London, however I love to travel so am always available for the right gentleman

Stripping off on LIVE Webcam

In todays’ diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee is in need of a stress relieving ‘fuck’ 


Today has been one of those days and my Dominatrix BITCH side is out! You know the feeling when you are really stressed out so all you need is a good hard ‘fucking’!

When all you crave is dirty pornstar SEX, gagging, spanking, fucking, squirting, sex toys, sweaty, rough hardcore SEX!!!!


Sunday Roast

What better way to spend the day then having a traditional English Sunday Roast!


Sinful Sunday with Miss Rio Lee xx

I LOVE Group SEX…….sharing is caring!

Whether it be a naughty 3some with a sexy girlfriend, a couple who would love me to join them or a full blown swingers party then of course I’d love to join you.

Email me on

Fancy a bit?

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee LOVES to play with her pussy while a guy watches!


I LOVE watching a guy wank his cock for me, I enjoy seeing his balls jump up and down full of heavy spunk, watching the pre-cum slowly dribble out of the end of the cock, down his veiny throbbing dick. I LOVE the way it bulges and throbs waiting for me!

I LOVE playing with my Sex Toy whilst I suck the end of your cock and you wank it in my mouth.

Mutual mastubation whist watching porn is so fucking horny!


Date a Pornstar

My perfect date:

It could be meeting for Champagne & Cavier in Harrods, teasing you to hell, wandering up to the lingerie department & choosing the most sluttiest, sexiest lingerie, jumping in a cab & heading back to the hotel for a Pornstar Party.

Whats a pornstar party? It wild, crazy SEX SEX SEX! And if you can handle it I’ll invite my naughty girlfriends to join us………sharing is caring baby!


Its the sort of night that you might end up flying to Las Vegas with me & my hot girlfriend, fucking in the back of a limo, getting strippers (aka me & my girls) dancing & grinding on you, fucking in a hot tub, getting married through a drive through, days rolling into nights, rolling into “Shit!@* what day is it! FUCK!!!! I’ve missed my plane!”

How does that sound for a first date? 

Sinful Sundays

Sundays are lazy days for me!

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending the day in bed with a fuck buddy!

SEX, PORN, SEX, PORN, oh and why not lets have some more SEX!!!! Thats pretty much it! Oh and more SEX!!!!

I love #sinfulsundays and spending hours and hours without a care in the world, not having to worry about going anywhere at all…..

#sinfulsundays are my favourite day of the week!