Chase me boys

I LOVE a man who LOVES to chase me! I love it when a man makes a real effort to catch me.

Of course I appreciate virtual gifts of kindness but nothing impresses me more than having a man take me on a spending spree by gifting me an Amazon gift voucher so I can spend it on treats.


Women are very simple creatures, we work on a point system, we get impressed by gifts everyday or big grand gestures!

Ways to win over my heart are sending me a ‘virtual’ gift, gifting me from my Amazon wishlist, paying a bill, picking out a surprise and sending it to me.

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Review from Iman

Rio is the best Pornstar Date you can imagine. Her killer looks, smokey seductress eyes and expensive tastes are everything I wanted. I LOVE women who know what they want and I LOVE to spend money on them.

I took Rio to Harrods, everyone knows Harrods its only for women who have good taste! Of course we started off with a shopping spree for lingerie, a dress, heels and jewelry as I need my women to look good when she is on my arm.

Then my driver picked Rio up took her to the spa to get her ready for our date. Rio arrived straight out of the salon, of course I picked up the bill and my driver delivered this devine goddess to me! I was the envy of all the men in the room,

I won’t go into detail of our night as I’m a private man but if you want the best then this is the best!

Review from Micheal

Rio arrived with some elegant lingerie, i had requested stockings, suspenders & lingerie and heels. I wanted a long relaxed experience as I had booked a suite in a top hotel. I started by offering Rio a massage as I love to please a women and relax her as I find this gives her more satisfaction later on. I could see Rio enjoyed it as her nipples were hard and her slit was wet. I love to please a women so I spent time enjoying her between her legs and made sure she came several times. I then ran her a bath and lit some candles, the bath was big enough for 2 so we spent time having wonderful conversation and getting extra turned on. We then spent the next few hours slowly pleasing each other, making sure we both were totally satisfied. If you are looking at having an enjoyable girlfriend experience with a wonderful lady then look now further.

Review from Chris

I have a secret fantasy that I told Rio about and that was I wanted to meet up with her and talk about a sexy cuckold fantasy. I don’t like to be humiliated, I just enjoy hot girls like Rio, telling me about their hot stories about fucking other men or her porn shoots.

I wanted to watch Rio’s Porn with her whilst she told me about her naughty fantasies and I mastubated over her big tits.


Party Girl Review

Rio Lee loves to have a good time, thats for sure, she put a big smile on my face as I decided to book her for a Pornstar date after I split up with my girlfriend. We booked into a party suite, with a hot tub and amazing views! I wanted this to be a night to remember!

Rio had packed so many sexy outfits, toys and I knew we were gonna have a wild time! After a quickie at the hotel Rio suggested we get a limo to a strip club, incredible what girl does that?!?!

She then told me to tip the limo driver generously and we got on her knees and started sucking me off in the back of the limo before bending over and telling me to fuck her! Shit I thought I’d better take my viagra this is gonna be a crazy night! Rio is the best partner in crime you can imagine as she had the hottest girls in the club come and give us both lap dances to get us really hot under the collar!

We then decided to head back to the hotel to freshen up, as Rio had organized us a table at a hot club, where we headed to party the night away before heading back to the hotel for some more PORNSTAR SEX till the early morning, where we decided 1 night just wasn’t enough so we booked another!


Newbie Review

I’ve never been on a Pornstar date before and to be honest I was really nervous! I really didn’t know what to expect at all. I’ve heard awful stories but Rio was efficient & professional in answering my emails and confirmed our date quickly after I had given her my ID check. I wanted a real Pornstar experience, like the ones you see on her porns, in fact I told her about a certain scene that I LOVED and she suggested we recreate it!

I couldn’t believe it when she brought a the outfit she wore in the movie, it was so crazy that I was actually meeting  a real porn star, it was a total dream! Rio is in amazing shape and has a lot of stamina! She told me how horny she was and how she couldn’t wait to suck my cock! She dropped to her knees, unzipped my trousers and started sucking my cock! She spat all over it, slapped it on her face and talked dirty, just like in her movies!!! She then begged me to lick her “cunt” so I did till she came all over my face! She then ordered me to fuck her, I didn’t last very long if I’m honest but it was well worth it! Wow what a stunner!

Review from Simon

I booked Rio Lee for a birthday treat to myself so pre-planned the whole night, weeks in advance. Rio was very prompt in answering my emails after I had provided the necessary ID check & photograph to prove who I was. She explained she got a lot of guys emailing her wasting time so this is why she asked for this straight away which I understood. I discussed the date, the location and once I had booked the hotel & sent her the confirmation email of the hotel booking, the 50% of the gift to secure the booking.

Rio was on time and showed up in a beautiful cocktail dress & looked better than her photographs. She immediately put me at ease & i handed her an envelope with the remaining gift. Rio had brought several outfits in her bottomless handbag, along with toys & kinky handcuffs. I don’t know how she managed to fit a nurses outfit in there but she did! Even though Rio is a Pornstar we had a a very relaxed girlfriend experience, she can keep you entertained for hours and is very sensual & has a fierce sexual appetite.


Titty Tuesdays

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