Dear Rio……..

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has just received an Email from Graham who just read her blog post and wanted to tell you what he thought of her ‘cuckold’ fantasy!


Dear Rio –

My role play fantasy is that you’re my beautiful, sexy young wife (my 2nd wife) who only married me for my money. A couple of months after our wedding you tell me you are leaving me and moving in with my multi-millionaire father as you & him have been fucking since 2 months before our wedding. He even fucked you on our wedding day and can’t get enough of your gorgeous body. He buys you expensive gifts and you adore his huge cock – telling me you always faked it with me & that I have a pathetic little dick, like a maggot. You say he’s already introduced you to all of his rich friends as his loser son’s hot young wife & you’ve fucked some of them too.



You laugh as you tell me that you’ve also been fucking my father’s limo driver – a very tough black guy with a massive 10 inch plus cock. Then you tell me I have to go upstairs with you – because the black guy is up there right now and you’re going to make me strip naked,get on my knees & beg to suck him off & swallow his spunk. You say if I don’t, you’ll tell him to beat the shit out of me. You say you’re going to film it to show to my father’s friends – and you add that – soon – my father will be dropping by with even more black cocks to use and abuse me in many ways, while you & him watch and laugh. You tell me from now on, this is the only sex I’ll ever get.

If this fantasy is OK with you, could you Email me back please? GRAEME

Cuckold 127

Dear Graeme,

Hmmm I fucking LOVE that fantasy right now and I am creaming myself at the thought of that as I can picture it in my head right now! HA! Oh you definitely know exactly how to turn me on because thats’ exactly what I’d enjoy doing!

Love Rio Lee (your cheating wife)

Email Rio Lee with your naughty fantasy on

I’d LOVE to have a ‘cuckold RICH fiancé who lets me be the naughty slut I am!

Please get in touch if you would like to be my online ‘cuckold’ fiancé or my real life ‘cuckold fiance! Email me on

Mistress Rio Lee wants some New SEXY Thigh Boots!

In todays’ diary of a Porn Star:

Mistress Rio Lee would love it if a sexy guy would gift her a beautiful pair of shiny thigh boots!


I’d love it if a guy bought me a pair of new thigh highs! Of course I can get them myself but its sooooo much hotter when I know you have bought them for me!

Plus I get to show them off to you by sending you photos or we can even go ‘boot’ shopping together because of course nothing is sexier than seeing a naked girl in hot shiny black thigh highs 😉


Fuck me like Bond

In todays diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee has just seen the new James Bond movie and is head over heels for ‘James Bond!


I have a thing for men in suits at the moment! I love the tv series ‘suits’ and have always LOVED James Bond so at the moment all my fantasies seem to be addicted to men in suits.

I LOVE the idea of pulling you towards me with your tie, throwing your papers off your desk, you picking me up and lifting my skirt up and fucking me on your desk, against the window of your office against the London skyline, hard, hot aggressive SEX.


12195863_10153732647702498_5020945400979693952_n (1)


Fucking you in a lift, racing around in a fast car and me giving you a blowjob, whisking me away in a helicopter to a penthouse to fuck me in a hot tub drinking Champagne. Hot, panting, sex!

Disappearing into a hidden secret room behind a bookshelf, speeding away on a speedboat and fucking you on the beach of desert Island!

Skiing down the slopes and fucking on a shagpile rug against a roaring fire! Crazy, wild SEX!

You in a tailored suit of course! Me squeezing you between my thighs as we struggle, you pinning my arms above my head! James Bond Style SEX


Date a Pornstar!

In todays diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee is back in London and can’t wait to see the naughty boys! Just shipped over 3 suitcases of ‘naughty porn outfits’ & can’t wait to have lots of SEX SEX SEX!

Rio-Lee11 (1)



Nothing turns me on more than knowing you have snuck away to come and see me!




I adore role play & am very open minded so just give me a suggestion and lets have some fun! There really isn’t much I haven’t seen so if you are a kinky pervert then I would LOVE to see you!

Rio-Lee101 (1)

I’m staying in a 5 Star apartment and would love you to join me.

If you’d like to see me then just click here

Surprise Silky Sexy Stockings

In todays diary of a Porn star:

Rio Lee has been sent some sexy shiny stockings from William. Rio Lee is dedicating this post to the wonderful William as a BIG THANK YOU!!!!


I absolutely LOVE these amazing stockings & what a special treat not 1 pair, but 3 pairs of incredible stockings!!!!! I would say I must have been very good to receive them but as I’m so GOOD at being BAD, I must have been outstandingly naughty!!!


Woken up with a Surprise

In todays diary of a Porn star:

Rio Lee has just woken up & has excited received an email from Tom who has surprised her with a wonderful gift of a ‘sheer bodystocking’.


Morning…………..I normally am not a chirpy morning person however today I was very happy to see that ‘Tom’ had very kindly sent me a ‘sheer bodystocking’ in the post!

Whoop Whoop! Better than a coffee any morning!


I have a thing for body stockings at the moment, not really the fishnet kind but the ‘posh’ looking kind, as I like to wear them underneath a normal dress and to the unseeing eye they look like a pair of ‘posh’ tights…………then I’ll meet up with a fuck buddy and strip off my dress to reveal a sexy HOT bodystocking underneath!

Easy access, sexy as fuck & you don’t even need to waste time taking it off!

Can’t wait till it arrives!

If you fancy sending me something sexy to wear for you, I’ll take some pictures of me wearing the outfit and post it online in a dedicated post especially for you


This is my mailbox:

Suite 916

28 Old Brompton Road

London SW7 3SS, UK

Feel free to CALL ME, this is my personal SEX line

Titty Tuesday

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Rio Lee has decided to cheer up the boys by posting some cheeky pictures of her big bOObs!


Hello boys!!!! Sending you all a quick flash to make you smile today!!!!!!!!!! I love a guy who loves to think dirty thoughts at work! Lets face it its a lot more fun than actually working 😉

Hope some cheeky guy ends up popping for a quick lunchtime wank to sort himself out!


Woop Woop and big mwah kisses to you !!!!

Happy #tittytuesday boys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Girls Night Out!

In today’s diary of a pornstar:

Well I thought I’d bring you up to date with my naughty adventures on Friday evening! Summer Love headed to mine to get ready as of course thats the most exciting part for us girls, gossiping, getting our hair done and getting ready before heading out. We then headed to a sumptuous posh french restaurant in Soho, which reminds me of the dining room at the Ritz to meet the very dashing Fredric and friends for dinner. Its a fantastic restaurant, one of my favourite at the moment, perfect for pre theatre cocktails, dinner and live music. I especially love their dining room upstairs and their private little rooms! All I can think about is what you could get up to in those private booths! Well what did you except with my naughty mind?!



We sipped Champagne and dining on gorgeous food before heading to a cocktail bar for drinks. We were both dressed to kill in hot black cocktail dresses and of course killer heels. I wore my fur jacket of course as I needed to keep my big boobies warm!

Tonight Summer and i were doing the usual, the rounds of the West End in London as we like to flirt with the boys then head off to find some more! We were the official taste testers of the new rum cocktails, so that got the party mood off to a great start. We also managed to persuade a sexy brunette to join us! After a few crazy shots, flirting with the hot barman we decided to head to a new club on Park Lane) where a very fucking hot superman was on the door! Everyone was in full Halloween spirit and dressed up to party.


Summer and I picked up 3 sexy hot guys and ended up having a naughty snogging session! There were soooo many fitties out to play! Then we were kindly offered a FREE ride in a rickshaw (incredible!!!) where we were transported to a wicked after party near the Ritz because us girls know how to party!

I met a sexy guy who I somehow persuaded whilst I was ballroom dancing with him to let me tie his hands up with his jumper! Loved the fact he was up for a laugh!

We then headed to another amazing party with loads of numbers & with 3 hotties to carry on flirting, teasing, get some more numbers and then headed back to nurse our hangovers with pizza and laugh about our crazy night!


Naughty Halloween!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Miss Rio Lee is planning her naughty girls night out with her girl partner in crime Miss Summer Love!

This Friday its Halloween and to keep in the Halloween spirit I’ve decided to head out on the town dressed in a sexy figure hugging red dress & killer heels, dressed as a naughty Devil! I’ve also just decided that naughty little devils LOVE to get as many kisses from the boys! Right?! Thats what naughty devils like me do anyway! My sexy blonde girlfriend is wearing a sexy black number to match so the boys better watch out as we together are ‘double trouble’.


Last time we hit London we headed to a crazy club which was full of hot sexy guys! We even managed to pick up a very sexy hot Brazilian guy and headed to a fantastic suite and partied with him all night long!

Its time to say ‘Woop Woop!’ ‘ because we are definitely off to party with the rest of the sinners heading to hell!