Partners in crime in Marbella

In Today’s entry of Diary of a Pornstar:

40016_1237224990766_56701_nRio Lee is flying to Marbella in Spain for a wicked weekend away with her best friend Summer Love. Rio Lee is attending the famous Champagne Party at the Ocean club, where models in bikinis and the uber rich, party in the sun and spray each other with 10,000 bottles of Champagne!

‘Its’ August Bank Holiday Weekend (which is a long public weekend in the UK) and as its normally the last big party weekend of the Summer. I’ve decided to fly down to Marbella in the South of Spain for a party weekend away with my best friend ‘Summer Love’ who I would describe as a beautiful blonde version of me! ‘Summer Love’ is one of my best friends and boy does this girl know how to have a good time. She always looks like a million dollars, its VIP all the way and her entry card is; ‘Hi I’m cock sucking Summer Love’. Continue reading Partners in crime in Marbella

The perfect tan!

In todays diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee is in Los Angeles and working on her all over body tan!

Hi boys, I’m trying to get the perfect tan with no tan lines whilst I lie by the pool all day as you can’t have tan lines when you shoot porn movies!


The big problem is that its so hard to rub that coconut oil all over my body especially my ass, so if only someone could lend me a helping hand!


Imagine I’m here in my tiny g-string, a damsel in distress begging for your strong hands all over my body, squeezing my round bum, oiling up my big beautiful FF boobs! Covered in hot coconut oil!!!

Who wants to help me?!

Big kisses

Rio Lee

Finding an Agent in Los Angeles

In today’s diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee is in Los Angeles and has to pick an agent to represent her for Porno Shoots so she heads down to meet the team at Adult Talent Management Los Angeles aka ATLMA

I woke up at 5am, crazy hours when the sun came up in LA, lazed around if I’m honest & started the day with a morning play with my Lelo bullet! Had to be done really as I didn’t have a morning glory around to play with!


Then I made the mistake of heading to Starbucks for an awful coconut latte & ate some berries to cheer myself up before heading down the road spotting a sexy fire engine with US firefighters (got to love a man in uniform!).

Then if that wasn’t enough to increase my horn I walk past a Boxing gym & a Krav Maga centre full of hot girls and guys in Van Nuys! I nearly trip up when I see a hot guy hitting the bag! Perfect breakfast of horniness!

I head to 24 hr fitness to do my Pornstar Workout routine & when I look up from my set of squats I notice in the huge warehouse gym that 70% is filled with hot men training! FUCK YEAH! That just makes me have to do my yoga slash stripper workout as gotta stretch for those pile drivers!

I’m set for the day & truly motivated to meet my agent and start shooting Porn ASAP as I don’t know the last time I got a nice fat juicy cock giving me a proper pounding & I need it bad!


I have no idea what to wear so after jumping in the shower and oiling myself up with my coconut oil, I decided pretty much to wear an easy access dress as I’ll have to strip off to show off my figure as this is Porn! Rio Lee Commando Style, no underwear of course!

There are loads of Agents in LA but after speaking to all of them I decided to go and meet with ATLMA who have represented me for the last few years so fingers crossed I’ll get some Porn shoots in the next few weeks as I can’t wait to get hold of those hotties!

LAX baby!

In today’s diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has arrived in the Valley (home of the Porn Production Companies) not to be mistaken with Silicon Valley (home of the geeks…..also a place I’d love to visit) but not quite the same as big titted pornstars & making Porn!


I packed lightly however on arriving in Heathrow Terminal 5 airport, I discover my (light suitcase) was 37kg too heavy for good old british airways, so I had to quickly buy another suitcase when a very unhelpful jobsworth wouldn’t let me sneaky in another pair of stripper heels!

So after a very uneventful flight apart from joining the solo mile high club in the bathroom several times & I luckily touch down into beautiful sunshine! Whoop fucking whoop!


I manage to get my 3 suitcases into a minibus, get chatting to an actress who is on her way to Universal city who starred in the James Bond Spectre & also meet another hot model who has come to LA for a week to party! Fantastic! We make plans to have a few drinks at a strip club & I arrive in the Valley as I’m staying in a gorgeous apartment to relax!

First stop is coffee & to check out my surroundings which is incredible, nail bars, gyms, healthy food, adult sex shops, beauty salons, sushi, tanning, more gyms, more healthy stuff & I join 24 hour fitness (a 24hr gym AMAZING) so I can keep up my Pornstar Workouts!

Then its back for some takeout Californian crunchy roll sushi & to relax in my silky sheets & get some beauty sleep!


Going to Hollywood Baby!

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has decided to go the land of dreams and hopes to land a part in a Hollywood Porno!

I’m so excited as I’m planning to head to Los Angeles in search of some very famous American hot porn studs!!!


I’m planning what to take with me right now, so far in my suitcase I have 2 pairs of stripper heels, some bikinis, more heels, some sexy lingerie from Agent Provocateur, more heels, my travel companion (sex toy!!) dresses from Celebrity Boutique, coconut oil, ripped jeans and actually no real clothes!

So lets hope its hot enough for me to be wearing bikinis or lingerie because thats all I’ve got LOL.

I shall be blogging about my adventures to the land of Porn over the next few weeks so keep reading boys!

House of Pleasure………..

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Thank Fuck its Friday

In todays diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee starts off the day with a quick morning bOOtie call.

As far as I was concerned it was the weekend, so why not start it early! I love dirty talk on the phone but even better in person!


All those flithy words turn me on so much, the dirtier the better!


Titty Tuesday

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Rio Lee has decided to cheer up the boys by posting some cheeky pictures of her big bOObs!


Hello boys!!!! Sending you all a quick flash to make you smile today!!!!!!!!!! I love a guy who loves to think dirty thoughts at work! Lets face it its a lot more fun than actually working 😉

Hope some cheeky guy ends up popping for a quick lunchtime wank to sort himself out!


Woop Woop and big mwah kisses to you !!!!

Happy #tittytuesday boys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Fucking at a Fetish Party

In Today’s entry of a pornstar:

Rio Lee was bored at home on a Friday evening and had been presuaded to go to a party with her DJ friend and now was standing in his bedroom dressed in a extra tight latex dress. Rio Lee could hardly breath in the shiny red latex dress, the latex dress made her 30ff tits stand to attention and covered her firm round bottom. Rio Lee’s pussy was already sweating in the tight latex dress. Rio Lee had never worn a latex dress and so appeared aprehensive about leaving the house in such a tight latex dress.

Mistress Rio Lee

‘We cab it to Maida Vale (I always wear cadilac shoes, not suitable for London public transport nor walking) and pull up to a terrace house.  I kinda expected a fancy millionaires’ fancy pad and suddenly get very uncomfortable in my slut latex dress as it dawned on me that i’m about to walk into a party at a very normal looking house and in which I knew no one at all.  Luckily I still have my dark brown fur coat on, which I sink further into and do a shot of Vodka to calm my butterflies.

The front door opens and I get greeted by a cheeky Irish goodlooking guy who insists on taking my coat and getting me a drink.  His friendly banter calms my nerves and I relax into party mode.  This guy later becomes a close friend called Peter O’ Tool (a stud in the porn industry)

Luckily everyone is wearing latex, pvc, leather so I relax in my latex dress and assume its a fancy dress party. The house is rammed in every room, the party is in full swing, I make my way into the lounge which has a stripper pole in the middle and people are chatting on the sofas. Everyone is very friendly and I sip my Vodka and lemonade and start to relax in my tight red latex dress.  A hot blonde called Tracey starts chatting to me.

Mistress Rio Lee

Her blonde hair flicks across her shoulders, her tight body is wrapped up in a black latex dress. Her hourglass figure looks amazing in the tight fabric. She is wearing open toed red sandles with red matching shiny red toes. She touches me on the arm and i get the impression she is flirting with me but i cant be sure. She lowers her eyes and i can feel her staring at my breasts. Without saying a word she runs her finger up my arm, over my shoulder, down to my huge tits. She smiles and circles her hand round until my breast is in her hand. I’m stunned and excited.  I inhale her perfume and I can feel my nipples get hard inside my latex dress.

My chocolate nipple strains and my heavy breasts start to rise. She smiles at me with pink wet lips, her eyes sparkle and she gives me a naughty wink. She moves in close, a little too close. The atmosphere is electric, my mind is focused on her open mouth, I’ve forgotten about everyone else in the room. I go with the flow, who I am I to argue with such a beautiful hottie, so I smile back and bite my red lips seductively. I move my hand to her waist and pull her towards me, giggle nervously and inhale sharply.  I can feel my temperature starting to rise, especially in my tight latex outfit.  I feel a beads of perspiration start to run down my breasts, my stomach, running down my legs.

Mistress Rio Lee

I can feel my pussy start to tingle and underneath the latex dress I start to get very hot. As I’m not wearing any knickers, my shaven pussy starts to sweat and a cocktail of sweat and pussy runs down my leg.  My nipples feel like they are going to explode under my latex top, I can feel my pussy turning up the heat so I part my legs to let it get some air and lean in fowards to kiss her.  Her pink lips touch mine, we begin to kiss.

Her pert lips feel so good on mine.  There is something so different about kissing a girl.  Its so gently, so sweet and so absolutely naughty.  Men listen up, never ruin the moment of two woman kissing, never try to get involved, don’t grope us, don’t get jealous if I’m kissing your girlfriend I won’t steal her, just sit back, get hard and watch the sexy event of two woman kissing!  My hands run over her shiny red latex arse.  I can feel her tongue in my mouth and I give her round bottom a good squeeze.  I look up, she gives me a naughty smile and says “I’ll definitely be seeing you later!”

That was the start of my kinky London fetish scene with many more adventures to come!