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In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

I’m looking for the perfect arrangement:




About me:

I am Exotic & I have a well spoken English voice with a good education. I love excitement, surprises & fun! I love to laugh & like a stress free life! I am a model and take pride in my appearance. Physical appearance is important to me so ideally I’d like to meet a man who also takes pride in his appearance.

I love pop up art exhibitions, unusual dining experiences & innovative cocktail bars. I love wild crazy parties in Ibiza and love to party but also love to relax on a sunbed and watch the sunset. I’d love to find the ideal partner in crime to share these times. I love snow capped mountains and bubbling hot tubs as much as I adore bikinis on beaches.

I love being pampered in world class spas as love taking care of myself. Its important for me to click with the right person as I cannot be fake at all and I am hoping to find a good friend.

I am independent and in control of my life however I’d love to meet the man who knows his own mind & is confident enough to make arrangements in advance.



I’d love to meet the man who can just say “Yes” . Who doesn’t take life seriously and can laugh at himself. I’m based in LA/London but am open to worldwide arrangements as I love to travel. I love men who work out, who take care of themselves & pride themselves on appearance.

I love a man who is passionate about life, enthusiastic about new experiences & is an old fashioned gentleman. A man who is confident, can make arrangements, surprise me & whisk me off my feet. I hate ‘promise men’ as I need a man with conviction and drive.

I love excitement & I am looking for the perfect partner in crime. I love spur of the moment ideas and whirlwind moments that whisk me off my feet. I am extremely open minded so would like to find someone who I can be myself with.

The perfect arrangement for me is a regular allowance to take care of my needs in advance.

I expect a ‘high arrangement’ so please do get in touch if this is what you are looking for. Being British its often hard to discuss £ so I can always give you an idea of my current lifestyle to get the ball rolling.

I see this as a potential relationship which may be a private mistress to those who are married or a potential girlfriend. I already can provide a very comfortable lifestyle myself so need a wealthy man to enhance my life.

Manners, Manners, Manners! I don’t date rude men who lack class!

I am currently looking for a Sugar Daddy based in the USA and in London, however I love to travel so am always available for the right gentleman

Fancy a bit?

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee LOVES to play with her pussy while a guy watches!


I LOVE watching a guy wank his cock for me, I enjoy seeing his balls jump up and down full of heavy spunk, watching the pre-cum slowly dribble out of the end of the cock, down his veiny throbbing dick. I LOVE the way it bulges and throbs waiting for me!

I LOVE playing with my Sex Toy whilst I suck the end of your cock and you wank it in my mouth.

Mutual mastubation whist watching porn is so fucking horny!