Sex toy for men?!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Hi boys, I’ve been excited as I’ve been nipping across London in our famous black cabs to pick up 2 sex toys sent to me by a sex toy company. One is the LOKI Wave which is described as the ‘come hither vibrating prostate massager’ & the other is the Lelo Lily 2 with apparently a bouquet of red wine & chocolate which to me sounds like a bit of a giggle, first what a mixture of smell, it half reminds me of a ‘red wine unfortunate incident I had a long time ago…cock & white sofa…..we don’t have to go into it, trust me’. So I’m assuming its supposed to be the colour of it.

So I quickly email my contact at Lelo and clarify that the ‘chocolate & red wine’ refers to the worlds first ever ‘chocolate infused sex toy & a ‘plum colour’. Wow incredible, read more about this here



So I quickly charge up both toys and am quite excited to see the Lelo Wave looks like a snake or a out of control hosepipe as it rapidly moves back and forth. I’ll take a sex toy over a box of chocolates anyday so luckily I now have a ‘chocolate scented’ bullet! So much better than lingerie (which is always hard to get the size right) and much more enjoyment!

Anyway so the LOKI Wave is for guys! Yes meant for men, I know boys we don’t talk about the fact your ‘ex girlfriend on a drunken night accidentally stuck a finger up your ass’ do we. But is meant for men. I’m quite jealous as looking at it, it looks like a female vibrator, has great vibrations and something I’d like to play with myself.


The only thing is I need a very opened minded guy to actually try this out on! And plus it’ll be so much easier than having to use a strap-on on a guy or a manual dildo! And so much nicer than using a finger which can scratch and damage a guys ass! Plus not to mention my posh manicure! Now I’m sure I know what you are thinking boys, the video makes a lot of you run for the hills as this would be a stretch even for myself, however this sex toy can also be used externally too! Although saying that I have been asked to fist a guys ass before so anything is possible.

However I’d much rather use it on myself as I love to use toys and the great thing is that this sex toy is for both men & women!


Lelo also has the ‘Millionaires’ , Sugar Daddies or simply a man who knows the way to a girls heart SEX TOY!


A £10k 24 Karat Sex Toy called the Inez! If you are a guy who loves Iced watches or especially adds extra diamonds to your collection then this is the perfect gift for your lady! I’m still waiting for someone generous to gift me one of those 😉





So being the fact its a Sunday and I’m naked in bed apart from a pair of ankle socks, watching the TV series ‘Suits’ on Netflix & waiting for a horny guy to CALL ME as there is nothing I LOVE better than chatting to a guy about his fantasies or about what he wants to do with me in bed & both of us mastubating together! Plus don’t forget I’m supposed to be reviewing the Lelo Lily 2 SEX Toy! Any excuse for a quick play!

I’d give the Lily 2 Sex Toy a ‘Screaming O’ 10/10 as it made me cum in under 30 seconds! As for the LOKI Wave I’ll be testing that out later!

Well apart from SEX!


Secretary fantasy!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Rio Lee is called into her bosses office for a telling off

I’m really turned on by the idea of my boss, he has to be in a sharped tailored suit and I’ll be wearing high heel secretary shoes, pencil skirt, fitted shirt, tight belt, gorgeous high end lingerie, wearing glasses of course.

He calls me into work and sharply orders me into his office. He shuts the door behind him and without saying a word takes off his tie and ties them together and places them on hook on the back of his door. He prowls around the room, drinking whiskey from a heavy crystal tumbler. I’m surprised but start to get wet between my thighs, he doesn’t yet realises this yet. I gives me a sip of whiskey and unbuttons my shirt roughly, my big breasts incased in my french black lacy bra pop out and he grabs them roughly.


He lifts up my skirt and I can feel his breath on my neck………..he grabs my face and kisses as he is smoking and I can feel the smoke in my mouth. He pulls my wet panties to the side and starts to finger me, harder and harder, until I cum. Then he unlocks me and unzips his trousers and gets out his cock. He makes me get on my knees and I suck on his cock fucking dick, my mouth gags on the cock and it chokes me……………

hmmm I wonder what will happen next?


Cheating husbands!

In todays’ diary of a pornstar:

I just this moment had a naughty phone call from a ‘cheating husband’ I’m the perfect mistress as I certainly do NOT want commitment or want to meet the ‘wife’ ! He had a fantasy about cheating on his wife and wanted me even to wear his wife’s underwear! I don’t think so darling, I don’t wear second hand underwear I’d rather you bought me something you really like………..however as it was just a fantasy it was very horny indeed. I think he secretly wanted to feel he might get caught by his wife!



Gym Bunny!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Rio Lee has been shopping for sexy gym clothes and can’t wait to tease the sexy hot guys in her boxing class! I LOVE working up a good sweat in the gym nothing gets me hornier than working out! All the stress in my life disappears and I pretend I’m in a club in Ibiza! I love working out so that I’m dripping with sweat as it reminds me of a good ‘fuck session’!


I like to start the day with a veggie juice, vitamins and lots of water then have a good hard workout as I can train anytime of the day and I still have loads of energy and my sex drive goes through the roof! Then I always finish off with a mini yoga session making sure I stretch out my whole body! My whole workout is designed for one purpose only……….thats to increase my sex drive and make sure that I’m ‘fit to fuck’……as I’m a personal trainer I like to call it the pornstar workout!

I’ve also recently picked up my first client as a personal trainer which is fantastic as I love training clients as much as I love SEX.


Morning glory? Give them to me!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Morning! I’m up early as having been buzzing off my weekend as I had so much fun! I headed out on Saturday to Mode in Notting Hill which was hosting a Brazilian night and OMG do we know how to party! I was picked up by sexy hot friend Mr ‘D’ in his convertable who was dressed to kill. I was running late as per usual & threw on a sexy hot red dress with gold heels & red hippie and ran out of the door to meet him.

I love hanging out with Mr ‘D’ as we have so much fun together! Brazilian night was filled with so many sexy hot girls & a sprinkling of dashing men (so boys this is definitely as place you need to head to……..girls totally out numbered the guys). I LOVE a club that entertains and I was pleasantly surprised to see on the stage as well as the scantily clad hot sexy girls, 2 hot guys in tight shorts, fuck yes! Best way to get us girls hot under the collar for sure! There was fire cannons, glitter balls and live vocalists which got the party off to a great start. I spent the night flirting with the hot guys and heard that a famous swingers party was supposed to be hosting a new night.


To be honest recently I’ve been disappointed with the swingers nights & fetish nights out in London, I remember the days of amazing entertainment of LIVE SEX shows, incredible acts, waiters that brought you Champagne and hostesses that introduced new couples to each other. The last year all of the sex parties I’ve attended have lacked this entertainment and I’ve noticed most new couples who attend seem to be too nervous to approach each other & venues have really lacked the wow factor! The best sex parties I’ve been having recently are ones that I’ve been having with girlfriends and couples that invite me along to join them. Anyway……opps sorry my mind always flicks back to SEX.

After flirting and getting a few numbers we headed over to FIRE a warehouse club which was hosting a great night, 3 rooms of house and everyone was partying till the early hours where at 6am we headed to LIGHTBOX till heading back to Mr ‘Ds’ house where I ended up meeting his sexy hot friend and had a hot 3some! OMG I so needed a good fucking and what better way to do it than with 2 fit as fuck guys with stamina. When one got tired then I got to fuck his friend too……………rahhhh perfect way to end on a Sunday having a Roast!


Horny & still awake!

In todays diary of a pornstar:

I’m still awake, someone once told me I couldn’t sleep because I hadn’t been fucked! Well maybe its true?! I do tend to sleep really well after a good fucking session but hey doesn’t everyone if they have been fucked for hours on end!


That’s what I really need now, mind blowing SEX! The sort of SEX that takes everything out of your mind and the sort of SEX you can’t speak, can’t move but to crawl into the arm of your lover and snuggle in and go to sleep!




Hmmmm I’m contemplating another ‘wank’ but I’m also thinking that might make me hornier! Just had a flashback (one of many in my rollerdex of flith) flick through my mind to this weekend when I had a great 3some with a friend of mine & a very sexy hot blonde!

Anyway if I did have a guy here I’d want him to lick my pussy make me cum and then whilst I was still cumming slide his dick inside me hard so that my pussy was trying to push out his cock and I just keep cumming and cumming and cumming! Omg I fucking need a good fuck!

Shit better try to get to sleep again! Funny thing is I’m not even gagging for it at the moment!

NEW Sex Toys Needed!

This is where I want you as my sex toy!
This is where I want you as my sex toy!

I’m looking for new sex toys……the man kind lol! I want to use you for my sexual pleasure, I may even get my girlfriends over to use and abuse you! Play with your hard erect cock and make you lick my pussy till I cum over and over again! I LOVE using men as a human dildo to fuck me to heaven and back! I’d LOVE to get you to please me, I need to CUM………over and over!


Starting a new little black book of Fucks!

I have had a very dry year! Its almost like I’ve had absolutely no sexual adventures outside of work! And believe me I LOVE my naughty bookings but my little black book is empty! I have got rid of all of my fuck buddies and have not 1 in there!!!!! WTF?

Luckily the porn awards are on the 5th November so looking forward to meeting up with Daisy Rock and Liselle Bailey and of course meeting all the new sexy pornsluts and pornstuds of course……..god I am in desperate need of a good fucking!

rio lee 1

I have a great pad just need to fill it with sexy hot boys and girls and start some naughty new adventures. Luckily my best friend Summer Love has just come back on the scene, (she dances at Secrets in Hammersmith so head down for a dance sometime & say I sent you!) and we plan to hit London town this Halloween and tease all the boys, fuck its been way too long! Hopefully we’ll have a naughty guy out there who fancies taking us out on a naughty night out, we once had a generous guy fly us all to Cannes! Fucking amazing! Now thats what I call a gift! Woop Woop!

I think some high class sex parties, crazy holidays, mad nights out are badly needed!