Cuckold fantasy

In today’s diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee admits what her all time favourite fantasy is!


I love the idea of being engaged or married and cheating on my partner! I just wasn’t made for being in a committed relationship! I would love to get engaged and wear my sexy diamond ring whilst I’m getting fucked by another man!

I’d go out with the girls and flirt with the boys, I would get a kick knowing my fiancé or husband is at home waiting for me! Of course I’d fuck the boys and be a real slut then come home and my partner can pamper me, run me a bath, give me a massage or simply fuck me hard whilst I tell him all the details!


Sometimes I’d send him photos or just post on my blog, I’d even miss dial his phone and keep it on loudspeaker whilst I fucked another man! I love the idea of him watching me on a spy camera whilst my slutty fiancé or husband secretly watching me fuck hot young and gorgeous studs!

My fiancé would even surprise me by setting up naughty encounters for me just because he knew it would keep me very happy!

Email me & tell me your naughty ‘cuckold fantasy’ 


All I want for Xmas is……..

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee is dreaming of what she’d like for Xmas this year!

I feel lost without my bling especially on my ting! I would adore having a diamond and gold clit ring,



a gorgeous gold & sapphire belly ring


& lets not forget my signature gold and diamond nipple ring!



12 hours off the radar mastubating!

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has some amazing news to report to you all! So I’ve been asked to review the new Loki Wave Lelo SEX TOY! So to give it a good ‘testing’ I decided to break my record of wanking for 6 hours straight and hit a record of a full 12 hours straight of wanking! If that isn’t a full on test of the new Lelo LOKI WAVE SEX TOY then good luck!!!?!


So I set myself up in my fluffy white wet, I was naked apart from a pair of sexy stockings and I decided to flick through porn. Normally I am playing with 3 toys all at once plus scrolling down the free porn sites, I never watch the movies as my concentration level in my full perv mode needs lots of visual stimulation!

This method to be perfectly honest is a pain in the ass as imagine I’m in mid playing with my pussy, working my ass with a butt plug, using a dildo in my pussy and have a bullet on my clit, then to keep scrolling down the page I have to stop! My fingers are all juicy and I’ve lost my flow, BOLLOX!!!


But I’m telling you THE LOKI WAVE toy is revolutionary!!!! I can actually position the toy balancing on the bed so it actually moves back and forth on my holes, teasing my pussy, teasing my ass and touching my clit! NO FUCKING HANDS!!!! OMG seriously plus then I have my hands free to scroll through porn!

Best ever invention for you boys as you can buy your missus one and it leaves your hands free to wank your cock in her mouth and feed it to her!


It was a full on 12 hours of continuous ‘solo session’ & my pussy was still up for more as it was teased to perfection! All I need is a massive screen, automatic scrolling now and a cock in my mouth!!!

WHOOP WHOOP! 12 hours record breaking!!!

Seriously send me your SEX TOYS to test!!!!!


Secret Fantasy

In todays’ diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee has asked to hear your naughty secret fantasies! images

Dearest Rio Lee,

Would have to be having you finding me going through your lingerie drawer rubbing my hard cock off your soft beautiful lingerie as you walk in to catch me… maybe with a glossy picture of you beside me too

Love William

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Diary of a Pornstar

In todays’ diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee wants to know what your ‘secret fantasy’ is! Rio Lee LOVES to find out what really turns you on, what gives you that instant boner!


I love hearing what men love women to wear, what men’s naughty fantasies are or their ‘secret pervs!’

Email Rio Lee on & tell her what your ‘secret’ turn-ons are! The most interesting email will win a signed topless picture with a dedicated message from Rio Lee

Perfect Afternoon Date

In todays diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee was meeting Mr R who had planned an afternoon of pampering & fun by booking a date with her.

I was very excited as Mr R had planned this for quite sometime as we had often spoke about spending an afternoon together. He suggested I dress in a tight tweed pencil skirt, red shirt, stockings and heels and meet him for bite to eat to start off the afternoon. Mr R liked the idea of pretending I was his P.A. and we were having a lunch meeting.



I always love the excitement of flirting across the table, trying to keep your hands off each other, when all you want to do is rip each others clothes off. Mr R slid his hand on my thigh and smiled when he felt my stocking tops. I laughed as he readjusted his napkin and tried to hide his embarrassing hard-on.

As Mr R was playing my boss for the day he took charge.  Mr R had planned our whole afternoon which I love. He then told me the next part of our afternoon was a surprise and we jumped in a black cab and headed towards the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge where he had booked a room for us for the evening.


We dumped our bags & then we headed down to Harrods and headed to the personal shopper section as he insisted that he bought me a new dress for dinner & lingerie for dessert 😉 We sipped Champagne and the personal shopper ran around hunting for the perfect little black dress for me. Perfect way for men to take women shopping I think!

It was turning me on incredibly knowing that behind the changing room curtain I was trying on some beautiful lingerie all to later be revealing it to Mr R.

Mr R obviously had to give his personal opinion of the lingerie so snuck a quick peek behind the curtain.


We then headed back to the Mandarin Oriental where Mr R had booked us into the spa, where we slipped into white fluffy robes & then headed for a couples massage. I was totally naked under my robe & kept giving Mr R a cheeky look mainly in the hope of giving him another embarrassing hard-on.

The couples massage was in a softly lit room. I had a hot male massuer & Mr R had a hot female masseur. Both masseurs poured hot oil onto our bodies which felt incredible but was driving me insane. As all I was thinking about was SEX.

By the time we got back to the room we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and threw off the robes. Mr R threw me down on the bed and pounced on me, sliding his big cock straight inside my pussy. He grinded his cock against my clit ring, pinning my arms above me and fucked me hard. He fucked me over and over again whilst my pussy clenched on his cock, till we both came hard in a hot sweaty mess.


We jumped in the shower, where we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and ended up having another hot quickie before we headed for dinner, in my sexy little black dress.

After a fabulous dinner with Mr R flirting with the sexy waitress and me flirting with the barman we were ready to party.


So we headed to the bar for a few cocktails before heading back to the room to have a crazy ‘Porn Star Party till the early hours of the morning.

If you are like Mr R and would like to plan a naughty date with me, email me



I’d like to place an order…………

In todays’ diary of a Porn Star:

God I’m feeling so horny as fuck, really need a good hot fucking!

So I’d like a ‘dial a fuck line’ for me!!!

And I’d like to order a hot horny crazy guy in a sexy suite who wants a very naughty slut to arrive in just her stockings, lingerie and heels underneath a coat! Add another hot sexy slut, and why not even another guy!


On second thoughts maybe I should organise it myself, all I need is a willing sex slave who wants me to totally take advantage of him and give him some wild and crazy sex!!!!

I have a collar, leash and whip just to make sure you do as you are told and I’ll have you lick my ass, my cunt and do anything to please me!!!

Yes to new lingerie, yes to fucking on my kitchen counter and yes to having crazy stamina! Oh and a big cock just so I can share it with a girlfriend!

so……….I’m waiting playing with my bullet because I want to eat you up


UK Porn Awards

In todays diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee attended the UK Porn Awards held in Leicester Square on the 5th November 2015.

porn awards

Rio Lee was very excited to be partying with the sexy UK Porn Industry & couldn’t wait to attend the event hosted by Paul Raymond Magazines!



Every time I’ve attended the UK Porn Awards I’ve always had some crazy wild porn parties!  So I was very excited for weeks on end knowing that I had been invited to attend this years Porn Awards which were being held in the famous Leicester Square where all the film premiers are held!!!!!!!


The Red Carpet was out for all the Porn Stars and the fans were queuing up for hours just to take their snaps before they headed into Cafe de Paris in Leicester Square.

First was the interviews with the press which is always quite fun considering the random questions they ask, next was the Photo Booth where we all piled into, shutting the curtain and getting naked and naughty! God waking up the next day and checking out those photos was a laugh!


It was a black tie event & there were celebrities sprinkled everywhere! Sexy playboy bunnies dressed in fishnets, heels & bunnie costumes entertained the crowd.

The entertainment was kicked off with a stage show from from Cirque du Soleil, followed by indoor fireworks & glitter cannons! This was all before the awards even started!


A sexy hot male stripper called me up to the stage & spun me around so conveniently my head bounced off his ‘very big cock’ covered in only a British Flag “whoop fucking whoop”


And of course the party didn’t end there, after Cafe de Paris we headed to Platinum Lace Strip Club to carry on the after party! OMG I can’t wait till next year!!!!

IMG_1089“Partying with the sexy Jemstone & Porn Friends!”


Pre Christmas Treat

In todays diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee just spoke to Mr M on her personal Sex Line who fancied a naughty date in a fancy hotel. Mr M wanted to take his time with Rio Lee and made sure she cleared her schedule for the day so he could take her for lunch & also to buy her a sexy dress & lingerie, just so he could fuck her in it afterwards!


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