Girls night out turns into girls night in!

In Today’s entry of Diary of a Pornstar,

Rio Lee & Reede Fox

Rio Lee is getting ready for a girls’ night out with her sexy curvy friend. Rio Lee & her girlfriend end up in the Jacuzzi and stay in for a wild night in!

‘I was soaking in my hot tub jacuzzi bath in my suite in Vegas as I was getting ready for the 2013 AVN Awards Show.  I luckily had one of my girlfriends on hand to help me get ready as I was always running late.  She is a sexy brunette, curvy in all the right places with green eyes. She was kindly washing my hair and naughty me soon became turned on and I pulled her into the jacuzzi with all her clothes on.

She was gagging to go out, her green eyes were flashing which just turned me on even more, so I just kissed her which soon calmed her down! I peeled off her wet clothes to reveal her gorgeous big tits and we began making out.  Her soft lips felt so soft against mine & I could feel her breathing start to increase.

Rio Lee & Reede Fox
I love men but also I love the feel of another girls body against mine. Her pink nipples grew hard against my chest, her hot lips kissing me & I soon had my girlfriend on the side of the jacuzzi with her legs spread wide.  I love pussy as much as I love sucking a cock.   She has a shaven pussy and has lovely pussy lips and even though room service was already on the way, I tucked into my starter!

Rio Lee licking pussy
I love that musky sweet smell of pussy.   Her pussy smelt so sweet, I teased her cunt wide with my long tongue, she moaned and arched her back and pushed my face deep into her cunt!  I worked my tongue into her hole, teasing her hole then her clit and I could feel it grow bigger in my mouth.  I then sucked her clit hard, slowly sliding a finger into her tight cunt hole, I knew exactly what to do to make her cum.  Her legs started to shake, her pussy quiver and my mouth was filled with her pussy juice!

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I laughed as it was room service, we thought it would be funny to answer the door naked and wet and the poor room service boy didn’t know where to look!


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