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Rio Lee is officially attending the 2013 AVN awards in Las Vegas. Rio Lee is signing at the AEexpo conference, hosting a party with pornstars at Body English Nightclub, walking the red carpet & doing press interviews.  Rio Lee is very pleased to be attending her first official 2013 AVN award show as the last one she attended was 2009 AVN award show which she gate-crashed! Surrounded by hundreds of sexy girls, Rio Lee just couldn’t help herself and ends up ……….


‘It was Day 1 & I was heading to the 2013 AVN’s in Vegas . I had packed 3 suitcases worth of clothes as didn’t want to run out of options and of course 1 of those suitcases was full of my highest shoes (as I have a shoe fetish).  This is when I really needed a man to carry it all for me! I checked into my suite which had a jacuzzi in the bedroom & it was a total porn princess party pad!

The next few days at the 2013 AVN Awards was going to be manic as it was my first time signing & walking the red carpet.  I must have tried on 3 different dresses and finally decided on a bright blue one that pushed my 30ff tits right up to my neck, well the puppies were out to play today! Strutting into the AEexpo (which was the AVN porn exhibition in which 1000’s of pornstars & exhibitors gathered from around the world) was crazy, I never expected to see so many fans milling & hot sexy pornstars.


I sat at a booth as today I was signing autographs for my fans!  I was honoured to discover how much effort my fans had gone to, either travelling from miles away including Scotland, hunting down all my porn video covers to bring them to me to autograph & even bringing me little presents!  I was most pleased as all my fans wanted a photograph with me and of course as I love the camera I was more than happy to oblige.

Suddenly I was greeted by Sexy Vanessa, a hot redhead from Argentina . She gave me this hot sexy ‘I want to fuck you look’ so I just had to grab and share a very long kiss with!


Then it was party time.  It was a white party hosted by ATMLA pornstars & Shy Love, Kortny Kane, Monique Simone, Alison Moore, Jade Jooles, Houston, Devon & many more sexy girls were partying the night away!  I had never met Devon but when I saw this hot girl on the dancefloor I just had to dance with her, such sexual energy & I was gutted to find out only later she had asked a friend of mine if I was into girls, hell yes! I’m sure that won’t be the last encounter with Devon. Day 1 in Vegas, omg wait till Day 2!

For additional pictures of me at the AVNs check out The Huffington Post, The Examiner ,Las Vegas Around the Clock & Newzbreaker.

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