Travel companion & Shoots

In todays diary of a Pornstar

Rio Lee goes through what is expected when you book her for as a travel companion or on a proffessional big budget shoot.

Ive shot with a lot of amazing people, hobbiest & proffessional.


As a hobbiest its just some fun, you rock up, bring what you want & both of you put your heads together to colaborate for some Time 4 Prints.

LOVE these kind of shoots, very relaxed, both get sets of pics & videos & its a friendly arrangement between 2 friends.

Ive shot & travelled with the reputable F8 Glamour photography group & had fun in the UK, travelled to Portugal with them on several occasions & its been a very sociable time.


On a proffessional shoot it depends on the budget. Some ask you to bring your outfits, do your own hair & make up & some pay 4 everything & you just show up. Both are alot of fun.

On a travel arrangement companion trip, Id expect the £ 4 my flights, a depoist & the hotel to be paid 4. Then the rest on arrival. Its a private arrangement but I always ask my guys to send me the dates, location, hotel in advance before discussing anything then I know they are serious.