Elegant Angel Shoot

Rio Lee is in Los Angeles and has just shot for Elegant Angel!

Wow it was incredible, the senerio was I had just recently got divorced and got to keep the house and black stallion toy, Prince Yashua. My sexy girlfriend Alana Luv just flew in from New York and we were tanning by the pool, enjoying being serviced by our hot stud!

Ekmn32CS-1.jpg-large Ekmn32CS.jpg-large

Of course I had to show her the house and give her a tour so next thing we did we were upstairs fucking on my ex husbands bed!

Well ‘divorce’ party celebrations definitely under way!


Hmm obviously my sexy hot blonde plaything stayed over the next night and I was invited to her gorgeous apartment in New York, to carry on the celebrations!

hmmmm I know what I’m thinking! Time for a Porn Party!