Sunday Afternoon Anal Training

Rio Lee is chillaxing on a Sunday afternoon and slightly bored so she decides to give herself some anal training!

Hi people of the world! Ok I’ll be honest I love anal but I’ve only ever done it privately and loved it, mainly after a crazy party session or in Ibiza the Party Island, & my experience of anal on camera is totally different. My ass is really tight & no one has really given me much advice, so if there is any place in the world that has the answers its Los Angeles (home of Porn Movies).


Ok so I’m told you can’t use the numbing lube in porn as it can affect some performers cocks but there is no way I can possibly do anal without it as I’ve tried and it hurts to fuck! So as I’m determined to do it, I figure out that I can either use the numbing lube hours before or just use a condom (which I don’t think is gonna look great).


I grab the douche, fill it with water to clean out my ass, then use a tiny bit of the numbing lube, which actually feels like someone has blown coke up my ass wolf of wall street style, lubed up with silicon gun oil and inserted the penis shaped ass plug!

So I’m actually sat on my sofa with the smallest penis shaped butt plug in my ass for the last 15 minutes attempting to stretch my ass open this afternoon LOL!

Sinful Sunday, what else is there to do apart from fucking yourself in the ass because you are bored! OMG, life of pornstar!

Hmmmm horny as fuck right now!