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In today’s entry of Diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee confesses to love to play dress up, especially in a sexy nurses uniform.Rio Nurse

‘There is something still oh so naughty about dressing up as a nurse. The white uniform, nylons, tight bra, red lips (that was my own add-on).

Maybe its the sexy uniform?! Maybe its the thought of being a bossy Matron and abusing of the position of care?! Maybe its the thought of being on my hands and knees and being told what to do by a strict doctor in the medicine storage cupboard?!

Perhaps its just all of it! I love the thought of being a strict Motherly Matron, taking care of a patient who has to have bed-rest and is in my utter control. I imagine you (the patient) completely helpless, perhaps your arms or legs are in casts but one part of your body is in full working order! Can you guess what part?! The part I need to use to check your temperature, the big stiff part between your legs! I imagine coming to the end of the bed and giving you a sponge bath with my tongue.

I start slowly licking between your legs, your cock stands to full attention, it throbs and pulses, the helmet is purple and it strains underneath the sheet. I slide a hand under the sheet and stroke your big balls, I love the weight of big heavy balls, the feeling of that loose skin, the sweat it creates in my palm. I pull my hand out and smell the musky scent of your balls in my hand. I give you a cheeky smile with my red lipstick and pull the sheet off your naked body. You lie there, slightly embarrassed, blushing but your erect cock just stands there proud. I take your throbbing member in my hand and slowly grasp the shaft and move my hand back and forth. I see the tip of your cock starts to weep, the pre-cum shines in the light and dribbles down the shaft onto my hand.NURSE+RIO+TV

I taste your pre-cum off my palm, it tastes salty/sweet and I want more.

I lick my lips and start licking your cock from the base, right up to the head, my tongue swirls slowly around your helmet and round and round till it tingles. Your cock jerks and I blow over the head of your cock, teasing it with my mouth. I open my red cock sucking lips and slide the whole of your cock down my throat. It hits the back of my tonsils and I choke on your cock. I spit on your cock, letting the spit slide down to your balls, then working your cock, your balls with my mouth and my hand you feel your cock getting stiffer and stiffer.

You watch my huge 30ff tits bounce up and down whilst I suck your member, I look up at you with my sexy eyes and you can’t hold back anymore and let me milk you dry!


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