Rio Lee’s ‘Confession of a Secretary’

In Today’s entry of Diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee used to work as a secretary in the city. Rio Lee confesses what happens when her boss asks her stay behind after work to receive her Christmas Bonus!

Rio Lee Secretary

‘I still remember the time when I worked as a Secretary in the City. I always found it so much fun to wear extra high heels (black of course), seamed stockings with suspender belt, black french lacy underwear, knee length pin stripe skirt, crisp white shirt, hair in a pony tail and glasses. All very standard but mine was extra tight! I knew that my boss who was older than me and married, always followed the seam of my stockings, up my legs and he probably imagined what followed under my skirt. He often patted my thigh when talking to me, probably felt the suspender belt underneath which made me smile.

I used to love knowing that the boys in the office were watching me strut through the room, sometimes let my shirt open up to reveal my overly large chest and in the Winter my nipples always stood to attention. I even thought that they made the board room extra cold just to watch their Secretary’s brown nipples grow erect in her shirt.

At Christmas time, the staff in the office grew more merry, more relaxed and this was my favourite time of the year. Mainly because it was Christmas bonus time and I always ensured that I received mine. I did everything I could to please my boss, buying his wife his Xmas presents, staying late after work to help him with the end of year paperwork and of course relaxing him in the board room!

This year was no different apart from we both were staying very late often into the early hours of the morning. My boss called me too his office, he waved the Christmas Bonus cheque at me and told me he hadn’t written it yet. I knew what that meant, he wanted me to persuade him in the right way & if I had it my way my cheque was going to be very large this year! I knew exactly how to please him. I got on my knees, unzipped his flies and looked up at him.
I licked my lips and pulled out his hard cock, it was veiny and pulsing in my hand. I couldn’t wait to suck his cock and stuck out my long tongue and let it slide over his purple member. I slowly licked his cock from the base, right up the shaft to the helmet and caught a drop of his pre-cum on my tongue. I gave him a cheeky wink and opened up my mouth and gobbled his cock all the way down, I jerked his cock back and forth, faster and faster. I cupped his balls and sucked the end of his cock with my hot mouth, I loved the taste, the smell of his sweaty balls and could feel him getting excited in my mouth. He liked to finish off by jerking his cock in his hand will I talked dirty to him, so I told him to milk himself into my willing mouth and feed me! He loved that and I loved my extra big bonus that year!


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