Woken up with a Surprise

In todays diary of a Porn star:

Rio Lee has just woken up & has excited received an email from Tom who has surprised her with a wonderful gift of a ‘sheer bodystocking’.


Morning…………..I normally am not a chirpy morning person however today I was very happy to see that ‘Tom’ had very kindly sent me a ‘sheer bodystocking’ in the post!

Whoop Whoop! Better than a coffee any morning!


I have a thing for body stockings at the moment, not really the fishnet kind but the ‘posh’ looking kind, as I like to wear them underneath a normal dress and to the unseeing eye they look like a pair of ‘posh’ tights…………then I’ll meet up with a fuck buddy and strip off my dress to reveal a sexy HOT bodystocking underneath!

Easy access, sexy as fuck & you don’t even need to waste time taking it off!

Can’t wait till it arrives!

If you fancy sending me something sexy to wear for you, I’ll take some pictures of me wearing the outfit and post it online in a dedicated post especially for you


This is my mailbox:

Suite 916

28 Old Brompton Road

London SW7 3SS, UK

Feel free to CALL ME, this is my personal SEX line

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