New SEX Toys cumming!!!

So first thing this morning I’ve been contacted by Lelo (sex toy company) who are sending me a replacement charger for the Lelo Large Wand (can’t wait to review this toy for you)LELO_Insignia_SMART-WAND_L_mood & 2 brand new SEX Toys that they are launching!

One is a new scented SEX Toy and the other is a new Toy with a different sort of sensation! FUCK YEAH! Boy I look forward to reviewing those 2 new toys it’ll be like Xmas has cum early……..or more like me just cumming and cumming and cumming!


Meanwhile I managed to get to sleep after a 2nd satisfying ‘wank’ with the Lelo Nea 2 (my new favourite friend). Well it looks like I might be adding these 4 toys to the first entries in my little black book of fucks lol!

Anyway time to hit the gym………gotta keep my SEX drive up! Oh & off to the mailbox as I’ve been delivered a special gift!

Big Kisses Mwah xxxxxx

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