Let me be your ‘Girl’

Rio Lee LOVES to be your Girl! If you want me to be your ‘Sugar Babe’ then please do get in touch!

I LOVE it when a guy gets in touch to be my plaything!

I LOVE ALL introductions no matter how small as it shows me how wonderful someone is treating me. It means the world when a guy wants to help me pay my bills, such as my rent & be the princess you want me to be.

Whether it be a fabulous bunch of flowers, to a couture sparkly necklace, perfume, Pink Champagne, Agent Provocateur lingerie Vouchers, Designer High heels LOVE Gina sparkly heels, Designer handbag from Chanel, Body Products from Elemis, Gift Vouchers from Harvey Nicks & Harrods.

I’d love nothing more than to get my hands on you! If you are flying into town, love to have fun, laugh a lot & enjoy the company of an intelligent sexual deviant then I would love to hear from you.


If you would like to help me out from a far then feel free

I’m looking for a real man, a man who is confident, who is driven & LOVE MEN who I can learn from. I get inspired by men who have experiences from all walks of life, these are the men who I wish to meet, for a drink & a fabulous introduction as well as my companion gift of course.


However if you would like me to be your ‘Sugar babe’ in real life then please show me you are serious by getting in touch. Heres my number 07918745199, Here is my email rioleepornstar@icloud.com

If you want me exclusively to you, then sure I’m open to suggestions if they work for both of us.

First stage is to get in touch by introducing yourself, I prefer a CALL, however a message (if your shy) followed up by a CALL.

Then of course before we start committing to a monthly allowance, lets get to know each other, perhaps a daytime date, over a dinner, whatever you prefer, after all you are the one who will be showing me how much you want me.

I’m also open to being a travel companion as I love holidays for 2.

Mistress Mondays!

Rio Lee doesn’t do commitment…………unless of course………….

It makes me laugh when a guy wants me all to himself because it would take an incredible man to win me over!


I love strong, independent old fashioned gentlemen! I LOVE men who are sexual deviants and know what they want! I prefer the term ‘mistress’ because I hate drama, commitment & jealously! I live my life for pleasure and fun and wild times!

Mistress Mondays dedicated to beautiful women all over the world & men who just want the high without the low!

Want Rio to be your ‘mistress’ online or for real?

Actions speak louder than words so blow her away with a gift

Sex Slave Fantasy……

In todays’ diary of a Porn star:

Rio Lee has a SEX SLAVE FANTASY…………

I LOVE MEN who adore WOMEN! I love the idea of having a sexy hottie like yourself come and give me the special attention I deserve!

Its all about my killer spiked heels and my black wet look dress!


I want you to wear my sex plaything collar, I’ll hold you on a lease, while you start licking my boots, slowly peeping underneath my skirt, you cheekily smile as you see I’ve got no panties on! Opps! You are hungry for my pussy pie, but like a ‘good boy’ you need to wait! My double FF tits are too delicious to not have lots of kisses.

You start hungrily start licking and sucking my chocolate nipples, delighted they stand erect to attention!

I look at you with my dark brown eyes and pink smile and say:

“SLOWLY……….kiss me slowly…….I want you to take your time and explore every inch of my body!”



“I have my playful whip at the ready if you are a naughty boy you get a playful spank!”

“Now start worshipping my round bottom!”

I’ve also picked up a new cat-o-nine-tails perfect for teasing you naughty boys or putting you under my control if you choose to be bad!

This fantasy is perfect for someone who fancies trying something new, something wild,I’ll safely take you beyond your boundaries, tempting you with my pouting red lips, my flashing dark eyes and of course my naughty laugh!

I also love ‘tie and tease sessions all the way up to hardcore dominatrix sessions!

As I always say

“You can’t swerve your perv and I do LOVE a kinky perv!”

For a 50 Shades of Grey Date please drop me a line with your ideal fantasy on riolee69@gmail.com



So fucking horny!

I’m so in the mood to be tied up and abused for once. Have a guy take control of me and take advantage of me.

Tie my wrists and ankles up and play with both my holes, spank me and treat me like a little slut.


Tease my pussy and feed me his cock.

hmmmm make me a naughty sex slave and dirty bitch and fill all my holes!

push a butt plug in my ass whilst you wank my cunt till I spurt. squeeze my pussy and finger it hard and feed me my cunt juices

cum all over me and spray me full of spunk whilst i mastubate my pussy and rub it in to my big boobs


If you’d like a PORNSTAR DATE then please drop me an email riolee69@gmail.com

Speak to the Microphone!

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has been asked to review the Lelo Smart Wand which is guaranteed for 10 years!


Ok so I was sent the Lelo Wand to review, which looks like a huge microphone and is £120!!! Fuck me!!! So honestly I broke the first one in a week and then had to embarrassedly go and return it, however it was exchanged immediately!

Its incredible (although extremely large NOT A HANDBAG toy at all!) as it increases in power aka vibrations as it senses your body! No need to press awkward buttons during your climax, I just sat back and relaxed!



Thank Fuck its Friday!

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Well is there much to say apart from THANK FUCK ITS FRIDAY?!?! Hell Yeah!!!!


Whether you are out in the pub having a beer with the boys, on your way home & if you are still at bloody work then sneaky off immediately!!!! Cause the weekend starts here!!!



Naked at the Venus Fair

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has just attended the Venus SEX Expo and decided the best way to attend was butt naked!

I had heard that the Venus in Berlin was the kinkiest SEX EXPO yet so the best way to attend was to get fully naked, stick on some heels and draw on some body paint! When I mean naked, I mean fully butt naked!!!! Terry_Rio002-300x225

In the middle of Berlin who would have thought I would have bumped into One Eyed Jack producer of ‘Real Couples’ who kindly helped a girl out by giving her his big hands to ‘hide her tits’!