Speak to the Microphone!

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has been asked to review the Lelo Smart Wand which is guaranteed for 10 years!


Ok so I was sent the Lelo Wand to review, which looks like a huge microphone and is £120!!! Fuck me!!! So honestly I broke the first one in a week and then had to embarrassedly go and return it, however it was exchanged immediately!

Its incredible (although extremely large NOT A HANDBAG toy at all!) as it increases in power aka vibrations as it senses your body! No need to press awkward buttons during your climax, I just sat back and relaxed!



Thank Fuck its Friday!

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Well is there much to say apart from THANK FUCK ITS FRIDAY?!?! Hell Yeah!!!!


Whether you are out in the pub having a beer with the boys, on your way home & if you are still at bloody work then sneaky off immediately!!!! Cause the weekend starts here!!!



Naked at the Venus Fair

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has just attended the Venus SEX Expo and decided the best way to attend was butt naked!

I had heard that the Venus in Berlin was the kinkiest SEX EXPO yet so the best way to attend was to get fully naked, stick on some heels and draw on some body paint! When I mean naked, I mean fully butt naked!!!! Terry_Rio002-300x225

In the middle of Berlin who would have thought I would have bumped into One Eyed Jack producer of ‘Real Couples’ who kindly helped a girl out by giving her his big hands to ‘hide her tits’!

Dear Rio……..

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has just received an Email from Graham who just read her blog post and wanted to tell you what he thought of her ‘cuckold’ fantasy!


Dear Rio –

My role play fantasy is that you’re my beautiful, sexy young wife (my 2nd wife) who only married me for my money. A couple of months after our wedding you tell me you are leaving me and moving in with my multi-millionaire father as you & him have been fucking since 2 months before our wedding. He even fucked you on our wedding day and can’t get enough of your gorgeous body. He buys you expensive gifts and you adore his huge cock – telling me you always faked it with me & that I have a pathetic little dick, like a maggot. You say he’s already introduced you to all of his rich friends as his loser son’s hot young wife & you’ve fucked some of them too.



You laugh as you tell me that you’ve also been fucking my father’s limo driver – a very tough black guy with a massive 10 inch plus cock. Then you tell me I have to go upstairs with you – because the black guy is up there right now and you’re going to make me strip naked,get on my knees & beg to suck him off & swallow his spunk. You say if I don’t, you’ll tell him to beat the shit out of me. You say you’re going to film it to show to my father’s friends – and you add that – soon – my father will be dropping by with even more black cocks to use and abuse me in many ways, while you & him watch and laugh. You tell me from now on, this is the only sex I’ll ever get.

If this fantasy is OK with you, could you Email me back please? GRAEME

Cuckold 127

Dear Graeme,

Hmmm I fucking LOVE that fantasy right now and I am creaming myself at the thought of that as I can picture it in my head right now! HA! Oh you definitely know exactly how to turn me on because thats’ exactly what I’d enjoy doing!

Love Rio Lee (your cheating wife)

Email Rio Lee with your naughty fantasy on rioleexxx@gmail.com

I’d LOVE to have a ‘cuckold RICH fiancé who lets me be the naughty slut I am!

Please get in touch if you would like to be my online ‘cuckold’ fiancé or my real life ‘cuckold fiance! Email me on rioleexxx@gmail.com

Mistress Rio Lee wants some New SEXY Thigh Boots!

In todays’ diary of a Porn Star:

Mistress Rio Lee would love it if a sexy guy would gift her a beautiful pair of shiny thigh boots!


I’d love it if a guy bought me a pair of new thigh highs! Of course I can get them myself but its sooooo much hotter when I know you have bought them for me!

Plus I get to show them off to you by sending you photos or we can even go ‘boot’ shopping together because of course nothing is sexier than seeing a naked girl in hot shiny black thigh highs 😉


Titty Tuesday

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Rio Lee has decided to cheer up the boys by posting some cheeky pictures of her big bOObs!


Hello boys!!!! Sending you all a quick flash to make you smile today!!!!!!!!!! I love a guy who loves to think dirty thoughts at work! Lets face it its a lot more fun than actually working 😉

Hope some cheeky guy ends up popping for a quick lunchtime wank to sort himself out!


Woop Woop and big mwah kisses to you !!!!

Happy #tittytuesday boys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx