Let me be your ‘Girl’

Rio Lee LOVES to be your Girl! If you want me to be your ‘Sugar Babe’ then please do get in touch!

I LOVE it when a guy gets in touch to be my plaything!

I LOVE ALL introductions no matter how small as it shows me how wonderful someone is treating me. It means the world when a guy wants to help me pay my bills, such as my rent & be the princess you want me to be.

Whether it be a fabulous bunch of flowers, to a couture sparkly necklace, perfume, Pink Champagne, Agent Provocateur lingerie Vouchers, Designer High heels LOVE Gina sparkly heels, Designer handbag from Chanel, Body Products from Elemis, Gift Vouchers from Harvey Nicks & Harrods.

I’d love nothing more than to get my hands on you! If you are flying into town, love to have fun, laugh a lot & enjoy the company of an intelligent sexual deviant then I would love to hear from you.


If you would like to help me out from a far then feel free

I’m looking for a real man, a man who is confident, who is driven & LOVE MEN who I can learn from. I get inspired by men who have experiences from all walks of life, these are the men who I wish to meet, for a drink & a fabulous introduction as well as my companion gift of course.


However if you would like me to be your ‘Sugar babe’ in real life then please show me you are serious by getting in touch. Heres my number 07918745199, Here is my email rioleepornstar@icloud.com

If you want me exclusively to you, then sure I’m open to suggestions if they work for both of us.

First stage is to get in touch by introducing yourself, I prefer a CALL, however a message (if your shy) followed up by a CALL.

Then of course before we start committing to a monthly allowance, lets get to know each other, perhaps a daytime date, over a dinner, whatever you prefer, after all you are the one who will be showing me how much you want me.

I’m also open to being a travel companion as I love holidays for 2.

Mistress Mondays!

Rio Lee doesn’t do commitment…………unless of course………….

It makes me laugh when a guy wants me all to himself because it would take an incredible man to win me over!


I love strong, independent old fashioned gentlemen! I LOVE men who are sexual deviants and know what they want! I prefer the term ‘mistress’ because I hate drama, commitment & jealously! I live my life for pleasure and fun and wild times!

Mistress Mondays dedicated to beautiful women all over the world & men who just want the high without the low!

Want Rio to be your ‘mistress’ online or for real?

Actions speak louder than words so blow her away with a gift

Dress me up like your fuck doll

Rio Lee has just received a $70 Amazon Gift Card from Martin as he wants to become one of her personal fuck buddies online.


Martin will now receive free rated DMS, Facebook private messages, a free photoset each day and 1 x 5 min FACEBOOK Call as a bonus thank you gift from Rio Lee

I’m so thankful to Martin who kindly gifted me a $70 Amazon Gift Card which I have already bought a sexy hot pink dress with gorgeous diamond heels to match!

I’m chatting to Martin already as I love dirty chat! I can’t wait till my gift arrives and I can put it on and show it to him on my MEMBERSHIP CLUB

You can become one of Rio Lee’s FUCK BUDDIES too,



Sinful Sundays continued…………….

So this afternoon I was bored so decided to try some anal training whilst adding some items to my Amazon Wishlist for shits & giggles! But luckily for me I didn’t suffer from the shits! Anyway US boys its its British slang!


And I’ve got to say my pussy was throbbing like a motherfucker, it was really weird, in fact it made internet shopping a much better experience! So I’m looking at the 3rd butt plug and decide really “what the fuck am I doing” its not like I have a nice big juicy cock to squeeze in there after all the plugging so I give up, have a little play with my vibrator & think back to my sex adventures which now are too long ago!

Officially SEX Starved right now!

Luxury Companion

Pornstar Dating

I love being a guys’ arm candy and am available worldwide as a luxury companion whether it be for:

Dinner Date (suggestion is minimum 4 hours)

I adore fine cuisine, good wine & sparkling conversation!


Do you want a romantic Girlfriend? I’m looking for the perfect arrangement. We could fly to Paris for some RnR.


Apres business companion

I’ll keep you entertained after those dull business meetings in New York.


Pornstar Holidays

I’ll be your partner in crime if you fancy a relaxing romantic holiday to Hawaii!


Party Partner in Crime

I LOVE to party in Miami/Vegas or in any party destination!


Day at the Races

I’d love to join you in Dallas for some Southern Hospitality


Sporting events


Nothing goes better together than Sport & Big titties! I’ve never experienced any USA LIVE Sporting Events & I’d LOVE to join you for the day!


Fancy travelling further a field? Let me be your tour guide and partner in crime!

London, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Athens, Mykonos, Paris, Rome, Berlin, St. Tropez, Cannes, Los Angeles, Mexico, New York! All over the globe! I’m a spontaneous party animal so if you suddenly want me there then I’ll jump on the next available plane!


Weekend Retreat in the Countryside

Need some Rest and Relaxation?

Happy to join you for a pamper session followed by a romp pompy in the countryside!


Shopping Spree?

Or if you the sort of guy who fancies something special and a more memorable date then why don’t we shop for the perfect little black dress, heels & jewellery before heading off to a fabulous restaurant then back to our 5* hotel room for some intimate private time.

I love a man who loves to treat me like a princess, especially when loves to dress me up! Perhaps you fancy more of Pornstar Date rather than a Girlfriend experience?

Why not organise a daytime date in Beverley Hills, where we can shop for sexy lingerie, kinky sex toys for just us to use & then head back for some Xrated Pornstar SEX!!!!!


How about a day at the beach, perhaps Malibu?


The list is endless……………………


If you are single & want someone to join you or if you are married and want a discreet affair then I’m the girl for you!

 Please take a moment to send me a request by email with the ideal date, time & location.
Including some words about you. I will keep your information safe and confidential. Your privacy will never be compromised, and I hope you accord me the same courtesy.

*Please note ID checks & 50% of the gift is paid up front & 50% on arrival.

*If booking international travel then flights and accommodation are also paid for in advance.

This is NOT ESCORTING or PROSTITUTION, you are simply gifting me for my time with you! Please don’t email me asking for services, extras, meets or anything else that is associated with the above.

Mistress Rio Lee wants some New SEXY Thigh Boots!

In todays’ diary of a Porn Star:

Mistress Rio Lee would love it if a sexy guy would gift her a beautiful pair of shiny thigh boots!


I’d love it if a guy bought me a pair of new thigh highs! Of course I can get them myself but its sooooo much hotter when I know you have bought them for me!

Plus I get to show them off to you by sending you photos or we can even go ‘boot’ shopping together because of course nothing is sexier than seeing a naked girl in hot shiny black thigh highs 😉


Fuck me like Bond

In todays diary of a Porn Star:

Rio Lee has just seen the new James Bond movie and is head over heels for ‘James Bond!


I have a thing for men in suits at the moment! I love the tv series ‘suits’ and have always LOVED James Bond so at the moment all my fantasies seem to be addicted to men in suits.

I LOVE the idea of pulling you towards me with your tie, throwing your papers off your desk, you picking me up and lifting my skirt up and fucking me on your desk, against the window of your office against the London skyline, hard, hot aggressive SEX.


12195863_10153732647702498_5020945400979693952_n (1)


Fucking you in a lift, racing around in a fast car and me giving you a blowjob, whisking me away in a helicopter to a penthouse to fuck me in a hot tub drinking Champagne. Hot, panting, sex!

Disappearing into a hidden secret room behind a bookshelf, speeding away on a speedboat and fucking you on the beach of desert Island!

Skiing down the slopes and fucking on a shagpile rug against a roaring fire! Crazy, wild SEX!

You in a tailored suit of course! Me squeezing you between my thighs as we struggle, you pinning my arms above my head! James Bond Style SEX


Titty Tuesday

In todays diary of a pornstar:

Rio Lee has decided to cheer up the boys by posting some cheeky pictures of her big bOObs!


Hello boys!!!! Sending you all a quick flash to make you smile today!!!!!!!!!! I love a guy who loves to think dirty thoughts at work! Lets face it its a lot more fun than actually working 😉

Hope some cheeky guy ends up popping for a quick lunchtime wank to sort himself out!


Woop Woop and big mwah kisses to you !!!!

Happy #tittytuesday boys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx