Girls Night Out!

In today’s diary of a pornstar:

Well I thought I’d bring you up to date with my naughty adventures on Friday evening! Summer Love headed to mine to get ready as of course thats the most exciting part for us girls, gossiping, getting our hair done and getting ready before heading out. We then headed to a sumptuous posh french restaurant in Soho, which reminds me of the dining room at the Ritz to meet the very dashing Fredric and friends for dinner. Its a fantastic restaurant, one of my favourite at the moment, perfect for pre theatre cocktails, dinner and live music. I especially love their dining room upstairs and their private little rooms! All I can think about is what you could get up to in those private booths! Well what did you except with my naughty mind?!



We sipped Champagne and dining on gorgeous food before heading to a cocktail bar for drinks. We were both dressed to kill in hot black cocktail dresses and of course killer heels. I wore my fur jacket of course as I needed to keep my big boobies warm!

Tonight Summer and i were doing the usual, the rounds of the West End in London as we like to flirt with the boys then head off to find some more! We were the official taste testers of the new rum cocktails, so that got the party mood off to a great start. We also managed to persuade a sexy brunette to join us! After a few crazy shots, flirting with the hot barman we decided to head to a new club on Park Lane) where a very fucking hot superman was on the door! Everyone was in full Halloween spirit and dressed up to party.


Summer and I picked up 3 sexy hot guys and ended up having a naughty snogging session! There were soooo many fitties out to play! Then we were kindly offered a FREE ride in a rickshaw (incredible!!!) where we were transported to a wicked after party near the Ritz because us girls know how to party!

I met a sexy guy who I somehow persuaded whilst I was ballroom dancing with him to let me tie his hands up with his jumper! Loved the fact he was up for a laugh!

We then headed to another amazing party with loads of numbers & with 3 hotties to carry on flirting, teasing, get some more numbers and then headed back to nurse our hangovers with pizza and laugh about our crazy night!


Thank Fuck its Friday!

Its that time again! Thank Fuck its Friday! Rio Lee boy girl Fuck me on the kitchen counter! I LOVE SEX!

Nothing beats spontaneous SEX, imagine…………you’ve had a hard day at work & I’m standing there to greet you……I loosen your tie we pounce on each other!

You grab me by the waist and pull me close to you, we kiss passionately and stare deeply into each others eyes…….you hitch up my skirt, grab my ass, lift me up on the kitchen counter. You can feel my nipples straining so you pull out my tits. You start sucking on them and they grow hard in your mouth. I can feel your cock aching in your trousers and let that fat fucking dick out to play. There is no time for foreplay and you part my legs and thrust your cock inside my c**t! You start pounding my pussy harder and harder and let all your stress and frustrations loose on my c**t!

I grab the back of your neck and dig my nails in and tell you to ” Fuck me baby, fuck me fucking hard!” You start fucking me, over and over and your balls are pounding on my c**t! You are no longer staring in my eyes you are lost in the art of fucking! You are like an animal, sweating all over me and fucking me harder and harder!

More I scream and you flip me over on the kitchen counter and start ramming your cock inside me, slapping my ass. I’m pushing back as hard as you are fucking me, now I’m using you for my pleasure as I need to cum hard! My make-up is streaming down my face, our bodies are covered in sweat & we can’t get enough of each other! We both explode, pussy juice dripping down my legs and you pull your juicy cock out and spunk all over me! Omg I LOVE CUM there is nothing more satisfying then getting a hot load of spunk all over me at the end of a fuck session!



Thank Fuck its Friday!

Thank FUCK its Friday! Imagine………me & my sexy girlfriend begging for your cock! I LOVE 3somes! I LOVE sharing your cock with one or more of my sexy girlfriends! I LOVE the idea of running my tongue around the helmet whilst my girlfriend sucks on your balls. I LOVE playing with my sexy girlfriend while you watch and wank your cock! I fucking love sitting on your face while she fucks your cock hard, pounding it over and over and using you as our sex toy!

Rio & Amanda Rendall I have not 1 sexy girlfriend I LOVE to play with but many sexy girlfriends whom I know you would LOVE to have a naughty 3some with!