Elegant Angel Shoot

Rio Lee is in Los Angeles and has just shot for Elegant Angel!

Wow it was incredible, the senerio was I had just recently got divorced and got to keep the house and black stallion toy, Prince Yashua. My sexy girlfriend Alana Luv just flew in from New York and we were tanning by the pool, enjoying being serviced by our hot stud!

Ekmn32CS-1.jpg-large Ekmn32CS.jpg-large

Of course I had to show her the house and give her a tour so next thing we did we were upstairs fucking on my ex husbands bed!

Well ‘divorce’ party celebrations definitely under way!


Hmm obviously my sexy hot blonde plaything stayed over the next night and I was invited to her gorgeous apartment in New York, to carry on the celebrations!

hmmmm I know what I’m thinking! Time for a Porn Party!

Let me be your ‘Girl’

Rio Lee LOVES to be your Girl! If you want me to be your ‘Sugar Babe’ then please do get in touch!

I LOVE it when a guy gets in touch to be my plaything!

I LOVE ALL introductions no matter how small as it shows me how wonderful someone is treating me. It means the world when a guy wants to help me pay my bills, such as my rent & be the princess you want me to be.

Whether it be a fabulous bunch of flowers, to a couture sparkly necklace, perfume, Pink Champagne, Agent Provocateur lingerie Vouchers, Designer High heels LOVE Gina sparkly heels, Designer handbag from Chanel, Body Products from Elemis, Gift Vouchers from Harvey Nicks & Harrods.

I’d love nothing more than to get my hands on you! If you are flying into town, love to have fun, laugh a lot & enjoy the company of an intelligent sexual deviant then I would love to hear from you.


If you would like to help me out from a far then feel free

I’m looking for a real man, a man who is confident, who is driven & LOVE MEN who I can learn from. I get inspired by men who have experiences from all walks of life, these are the men who I wish to meet, for a drink & a fabulous introduction as well as my companion gift of course.


However if you would like me to be your ‘Sugar babe’ in real life then please show me you are serious by getting in touch. Heres my number 07918745199, Here is my email rioleepornstar@icloud.com

If you want me exclusively to you, then sure I’m open to suggestions if they work for both of us.

First stage is to get in touch by introducing yourself, I prefer a CALL, however a message (if your shy) followed up by a CALL.

Then of course before we start committing to a monthly allowance, lets get to know each other, perhaps a daytime date, over a dinner, whatever you prefer, after all you are the one who will be showing me how much you want me.

I’m also open to being a travel companion as I love holidays for 2.

Wicked Wednesdays

In today’s diary of a Pornstar

Rio Lee is a fallen Angel here on earth, left to pleasure all mankind!

Its Wicked Wednesdays on www.rioleexxx.com and I’m being BAD as per usual, stripping off and taking naked selfies!



Really why not as I’m a pornstar, what else should I be doing apart from sending men RUDE selfies of myself………….oh yeah RUDE videos too!

Here is one of the Xrated selfies you missed out on today, imagine what the video looked like?

Don’t Miss out!


Titty Tuesdays

Rio Lee has a lovely pair of FF Tits!


I LOVE men who LOVE my big beautiful tits! I LOVE being sprayed with hot spunk all over them!


I LOVE it when a guy gently sucks on my nipples, squeezes them as he fucks me and I LOVE teasing the boys with my big beautiful tits!

This is dedicated to men who LOVE BIG BEAUTIFUL TITS!



Mistress Mondays!

Rio Lee doesn’t do commitment…………unless of course………….

It makes me laugh when a guy wants me all to himself because it would take an incredible man to win me over!


I love strong, independent old fashioned gentlemen! I LOVE men who are sexual deviants and know what they want! I prefer the term ‘mistress’ because I hate drama, commitment & jealously! I live my life for pleasure and fun and wild times!

Mistress Mondays dedicated to beautiful women all over the world & men who just want the high without the low!

Want Rio to be your ‘mistress’ online or for real?

Actions speak louder than words so blow her away with a gift