Companion Booking Information

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:






Hi baby sorry I missed your call!

If so heres my number 07918745199

International +44

This is Rio Lee are you contacting me looking for an appointment?

My prices & info follows:

AVAILABLE TODAY 7 days a week 24/7 everyday worldwide

1. Whats’ your address?

2. If you are booking for LONDON heres the info you need to host me:

HOTELS close to Park Lane LONDON are recommended & black LONDON registered cabs are recommended

3. How many hrs would you like to see me for?

4. What the date?

5. What time would you like me to arrive?
Additional hrs are £200
Couples, group party bookings is multiplied by number of guests
FABULOUS RATE for fine dining, Harrods shopping trips, 50 BEST COCKTAIL BARS, Members West End nightclubs & 5 star luxury holidays
£1500 is 12 hrs (save £1k to spend it out on the town)
€1000 an hr
plus extras
$2000 an hr
plus extras
FYI I offer various options for meets such as dinner dates, afternoon tea cocktails, events, travel companion, fetish, fantasy role play & experiences, pornstar & girlfriend too.
AVAILABLE 7 days a week
Quickest way is to text me the info once you are organised.
Im up early till late, take cash or bank transfer, last minute or prebooked.

Fabulous Invitations in London

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman, he was flying back into town & invited me to an incredible restaurant, cocktail bar & dj for a wonderful night out in London in Mayfair!

IMG_0381 IMG_0378

He sent over a chauffeur which picked me up & the people, the food, the cocktails, the Champagne was incredible & the service was the BEST! The host was so put together, organized and so well dressed!


In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee was in Thailand! I’m LOVING my new SNAPCHAT APP! Here is a sneaky glimpse of what to expect on my FREE APP!


I’m excited as feel this is the year for new opportunities whether that be modeling, acting, music videos, shooting, promotion work, nightlife, events, hostessing……….you name it…….I’m interested!!!

Please feel free to email me with any genuine Job Offers, PAID or UNPAID

Miss you guys and girls



Holiday SEX

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee was in Thailand and LOVING the eye candy around the pool! Wow wow wow!

Nothing I LOVE better than a hot man who trains like an athlete, working his body to perfection everyday in the gym! Manscaped & groomed for a ladies eye candy!


I make an effort so I expect any man to do the same!

Pornstar fitness, I workout to fuck harder & longer! Sex fiends good goal to have for sure!!!!IMG_2397

I’ve been up to no good, flirting at the pool and getting my sexy tan on for those naughty boys!


Welcome to Rio Lee’s Reality!!

rio welcome 3

On Rio Lee’s Reality of course you will find pictures and videos but there is much more sexy content as you explore Read about my erotic adventures in my Diary NOW LIVE SNAPCHAT, watch my special features that will include live shows and feel free to explore every part of me…and my website…for your viewing pleasure.

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Mistress Mondays!

Rio Lee doesn’t do commitment…………unless of course………….

It makes me laugh when a guy wants me all to himself because it would take an incredible man to win me over!


I love strong, independent old fashioned gentlemen! I LOVE men who are sexual deviants and know what they want! I prefer the term ‘mistress’ because I hate drama, commitment & jealously! I live my life for pleasure and fun and wild times!

Mistress Mondays dedicated to beautiful women all over the world & men who just want the high without the low!

Want Rio to be your ‘mistress’ online or for real?

Actions speak louder than words so blow her away with a gift


Sinful Sundays continued…………….

So this afternoon I was bored so decided to try some anal training whilst adding some items to my Amazon Wishlist for shits & giggles! But luckily for me I didn’t suffer from the shits! Anyway US boys its its British slang!


And I’ve got to say my pussy was throbbing like a motherfucker, it was really weird, in fact it made internet shopping a much better experience! So I’m looking at the 3rd butt plug and decide really “what the fuck am I doing” its not like I have a nice big juicy cock to squeeze in there after all the plugging so I give up, have a little play with my vibrator & think back to my sex adventures which now are too long ago!

Officially SEX Starved right now!