In todays diary of a PORNSTAR, RIO LEE is in Queensway the vibrant area of LONDON

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I LOVE LONDON, love showing people around, I would LOVE to join you if you ever need a companion for a restaurant, bars, clubs or events. Or perhaps a little dessert in your hotel room.

Im in W2 and hotels recommended within 20 mins for black licenced cabs 4 travel.

Get in touch 07918745199 big kisses Rio Lee

HAPPY 2018

In Todays diary of a PORNSTAR, Rio Lee is celebrating 2018!!!!


Its been a great start to 2018, just moved in to a fab new hotel in Queensway, London.


Its all about my new years resolutions this week.

If you 2 have some exciting new things you’d like to try in 2018, please do get in touch.

much love Rio Lee



In todays diary of a PORNSTAR RIO LEE is celebrating Christmas 2017. I LOVE Christmas, its an important time of the year for friends & family all over the world

Today as im alone in LONDON, I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people at the Catholic Midnight Mass who invited me to join them for Christmas breakfast. It was lovely to meet new people & Christmas Eve is always the start to celebrating Christmas for me.

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Its 2pm in LONDON stuffed but might search for a late Christmas dinner restaurant as its good to get out & about especially on Christmas Day.

Plus who knows may get someone else who also fancies joining me.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all!!!