Escort Booking Information

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:






1.What the date

2. What the location/INCALL/OUTCALL

3. What kind of date did you have in mind? i.e. hour incall, dinner, party club, overnight, weekend, monthly arrangement, companion to a sex club?
£500 an hour Independant escort

Private PORN Videos

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee LOVES to shoot! Nothing I LOVE better than being in front of a camera.

If you are interested in a private movie whether it be POV, or with a crew for private clients or just your own library I require the following information:

  1. If its a custom movie I will require my own copy i.e. I shall be filming at the same time (to avoid waiting for you to edit it as well)
  2. I’ll need 3 months CLEAN STD certs only from CLINICS which I know so that no tests can be faked. This is blood tests, throat, anal, pussy too.
  3. Whats the location? (if I’m not there flights will need to be paid for)
  4. I need your IDs obviously for my safety and require 2 forms of ID & a photo of you holding it up
  5. Please state in detail if the shoot is solo, girl-on-girl, boy-girl, anal, cream pie, fetish, number of performers as my rate varies depending on what is involved
  6. I DON’T shoot without professional lighting, camera crew, makeup artist & hairstylist (after all you may tell me its private but I know there is a chance it can go up anywhere) I’m a professional model and PROTECT MY BRAND
  7. Date of the Shoot


To avoid wasting  your time please provide the relevant information ASAP as I’m an international Pornstar so require diary planning.




In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee was in Thailand! I’m LOVING my new SNAPCHAT APP! Here is a sneaky glimpse of what to expect on my FREE APP!


I’m excited as feel this is the year for new opportunities whether that be modeling, acting, music videos, shooting, promotion work, nightlife, events, hostessing……….you name it…….I’m interested!!!

Please feel free to email me with any genuine Job Offers, PAID or UNPAID

Miss you guys and girls


P.S. I’ll be up all night if you fancy giving me a XXXrated CALL FEEL FREE

Holiday SEX

In todays’ diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee was in Thailand and LOVING the eye candy around the pool! Wow wow wow!

Nothing I LOVE better than a hot man who trains like an athlete, working his body to perfection everyday in the gym! Manscaped & groomed for a ladies eye candy!


I make an effort so I expect any man to do the same!

Pornstar fitness, I workout to fuck harder & longer! Sex fiends good goal to have for sure!!!!IMG_2397

I’ve been up to no good, flirting at the pool and getting my sexy tan on for those naughty boys!

Want some personal motivation? Why not Google CAM with me, I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk hmmmm about?! A Wank a day, help u work, rest & play!

Email me

My You Tube Channel

In todays diary of a Pornstar:

Rio Lee has just launched her own You Tube Channel

“Well I’m interested in any opportunities around the world & so just had to start up my own You Tube Channel.

Life is about having a laugh, having fun and looking good!


Shooting on a daily basis for my social media, sites & now You Tube Channel means I have to look good 24/7 !

I’m so GOOD at being BAD, now I need to be GOOD at being GOOD 24/7″

Here’s my YOU TUBE Channel



Welcome to Rio Lee’s Reality!!

rio welcome 3

On Rio Lee’s Reality of course you will find pictures and videos but there is much more sexy content as you explore Read about my erotic adventures in my Diary, watch my special features that will include live shows and feel free to explore every part of me…and my website…for your viewing pleasure.

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