Well guys it’s freezing so I’m off to THAILAND Tiger Muay Thai to train & do my pornstar training fitness camp!!


I’ll be in ASIA, Thailand & happy to see u for an hour OUTCALL or more!

Im happy to visit you anywhere in Asia for minimum 3 hours upwards plus hotel, travel too!  Continue reading ASIA TOUR

Pornstar Dating in London

r10Hi guys, I’ve just arrived in ASIA  and would LOVE to see you! Here is my number 07392 951533 (this is for bookings only not a personal line) Email



2 HOURS £1000

3 HOURS £1500



24 HOURS  TRAVEL please ask

Happy to see u for minimum 1 hour in Thailand in a 4-5 star hotel

Happy to travel for 3 hours or more, plus travel & hotel

Wanna see me in person?

Rio Lee loves pornstar dates!

To see me Privately for a Pornstar Date




Worldwide please email me to discuss as ID, selfie & FaceTime is required for an ID check.

Available to fly within 24 hrs notice to most destinations



Money exchanged in legal adult personal services is for modeling and is simply for the time expended in the delivery of lawful entertainment and companionship. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and are not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer of prostitution. Fees/charges are for time spent together only. By contacting me(either by phone or email) you agree to these terms and hereby agree that you are not part of any law enforcement agency using this advertisement for entrapment or for my arrest. With reference to CA Penal Code section 647(b) and CALJIC No. 16.420, the services discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either: (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) Solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration


Elegant Angel Shoot

Rio Lee is in Los Angeles and has just shot for Elegant Angel!

Wow it was incredible, the senerio was I had just recently got divorced and got to keep the house and black stallion toy, Prince Yashua. My sexy girlfriend Alana Luv just flew in from New York and we were tanning by the pool, enjoying being serviced by our hot stud!

Ekmn32CS-1.jpg-large Ekmn32CS.jpg-large

Of course I had to show her the house and give her a tour so next thing we did we were upstairs fucking on my ex husbands bed!

Well ‘divorce’ party celebrations definitely under way!


Hmm obviously my sexy hot blonde plaything stayed over the next night and I was invited to her gorgeous apartment in New York, to carry on the celebrations!

hmmmm I know what I’m thinking! Time for a Porn Party!

Tips & Advice for Pornstar bookings

In LONDON there are Novices or Super ELITE Gentlemen!

A novice gentleman when booking an girl for an OUTCALL will not think ahead!

Be a SUPER ELITE GENTLEMAN and pre-plan ahead! If you are inviting a ‘date’ to your house/hotel you are entertaining!!!! Would you invite a friend over without having a clean & tidy house, not have drinks or toiletries ???? SUPER ELITE GENTLEMEN are incredible hosts!


A SUPER ELITE gentleman when asking his date to visit him for an outcall booking should always provide the following:

  1. A Welcome smile
  2. Cash is paid instantly on arrival
  3. Drinks (perhaps ask ur date what she enjoys to drink instead of offering her what you have
  4. A ‘rate’ is normally gifted for amount of time, always pre-plan how long you plan to stay together for the gift exchanged in advance.
  5. If the gentleman has any requests such as particular outfit or role play then its always good to give his date a heads’ up so she can bring what she has along, or he can provide a particular outfit or gift her in advance so she can purchase the outfit.
  6. Overnight bookings or extended stays. If you are enjoying more of a GFE booking then some sleep should be included in the booking, always discuss whether it is a party booking or a romantic booking in advance. If you are partying then make sure your ‘date’ has everything she needs to feel comfortable! Ask her if she feels comfortable sleeping over or would she prefer to have her own room? Would she prefer to head home instead of doing the walk of shame? Always make sure your dates’ driver/ride is already outside waiting instead of making her wait on the street as it draws attention to both of you.
  7. CONDOMS, CONDOMS, CONDOMS the amount of men who don’t have their own supplies during outcalls is ridiculous, if you are married then make sure you tell you date to bring what you require from condoms, toys, outfits. If you are married of course a VIP ESCORT will bring everything you need to the party!
  8. The slippery fuckers is what I prefer to call them will try to slip their condoms off, suggest bareback sex, they will bite a hole in the end of their condoms, get their ‘date’ in certain positions to try to slip their condoms off, they will NOT take a shower so they can rob you, they will tell you that all girls let them rub their cocks on their pussies!  They will insist they have already showered from the gym and they are the ones that stink! They will get you in uncomfortable positions so you get carpet burn, injure yourself & all because they don’t have respect for their ‘date’ They will tell you they are tested so they can suggest to fuck you without condoms. They will try to persuade you to do things you don’t want to do and say ‘well all the other girls do it’! They don’t arrive on time and they try to stay over their booked time! They think it acceptable to have a shower outside of their booked time, when this must happen within the booked time! They grab you roughly, disrespect your apartment, search through your drawers, ask you personal questions! DON’T BE A ‘SLIPPERY FUCKER’
  9. The SUPER ELITE MEMBER gets tested every 30 days, uses condoms & treats their dates with the respect they deserve or they get the whip on their balls 😉 I suggest the NHS VIP walk-in clinic in Soho, Dean Street Express, which is free, discreet & your results arrive back within 6 hours as a text to your phone! Or Any good private Doctor will test you for the works


Rio Lee is a dirty little bitch and loves everything to do with pleasure & SEX!


I LOVE messaging you so if you want my private attention then simply ‘stand out from the crowd’. Gift me via

Amazon Gift card  or


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If you wish to see me for a Pornstar Date, then just CALL ME on 07392 951533 or Email to discuss


Wanna take me on a Pornstar date?

I’d LOVE to see you and am available to travel worldwide.

Please note I am currently in LONDON however am happy to travel for worldwide dates within 24 hour notice

Worldwide DATES


ID/a selfie & we will FaceTime for verification for a few minutes to discuss the potential date.

All flight costs, 50% of fee is paid in advance in case anything goes wrong & the rest on arrival




Feel free to add in your personal outfit/fantasy requests in advance as I love to please.





Want to Impress me?


You can gift me via:

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or if you prefer you can always use ‘cash’ to buy me a gift card from this list by physically walking into the store or topping up a pre-paid debit card

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My contacts can be found here








Let me be your ‘Sugar’

Rio Lee LOVES to be your Sugar Babe! If you want me to be your ‘Sugar Babe’ then please do get in touch!

I LOVE it when a guy gets in touch to be my plaything!

I LOVE ALL tributes no matter how small as it shows me how wonderful someone is treating me. It means the world when a guy donates & helps me with my lifestyle especially in LONDON

I’d love nothing more than to get my hands on you! If you are flying into town, love to have fun, laugh a lot & enjoy the company of an intelligent sexual deviant then I would love to hear from you.


If you would like to help me out from a far then feel free to choose the kind of donation you would like to make to me.

I will of course thank you personally & discreetly mention you on my blog as a thank you.


There are lots of little ways you can make me feel like a princess. Here are just some ideas to help you along:

  1. Treat me to a Spa Treatment
  2. Treat me to some lingerie
  3. Treat me to some body products
  4. Treat me to a new sexy dress
  5. Treat me to some healthy food
  6. Treat me to a Spa Day
  7. Contribute to my rent
  8. Contribute to my bills
  9. Treat me to some new make up
  10. Treat me to some new shoes
  11. Treat me to some new clothes
  12. Treat me to a some new gym outfits
  13. Treat me to a new handbag
  14. Treat me to a pair of bluetooth headphones

However if you would like me to be your ‘Sugar babe’ in real life then please email me 

Fantasy Date

Rio Lee loves Pornstar dates with men who have good tastes for everything utterly bad, fast cars, plush hotel, Champagne, caviar with ice chilled Vodka of course! 

I love dressing in Agent Provocateur lingerie, Herge Leger dresses, Couture jewelry & whizzing through the streets of London in a black cab or jumping on a plane to any destination, excited to go and head off to meet my date for the evening.

With my slut filled expensive handbag under my arm and I’m filled with pure energy that I can’t wait to meet this stranger, to spend this moment with him and have the most fabulous time ever.


I love my SUPER ELITE Members who are experienced and have been trained by me to exceed my expectations. Their presentation, their hygiene, the wonderful welcome in which I receive when I open their plush hotel room is what I expect a SUPER ELITE Member to offer me!

I’m a lady of many disguises and I am at home playing a girlfriend, a pornstar, a mistress, a femdom, role play and wild party girl. I LOVE fantasies and role play and LOVE to plan wild and crazy fun filled meetings.


I love relaxing girlfriend daytime bookings, dinner dates, holiday and apres business adventures, romantic evenings taking our time over sparkling conversation.

However I LOVE role play, femdom, fantasies, beginners guide to 50 Shades of Grey, PSE aka Pornstar bookings, Wild party bookings, 3somes & sex parties.

If you’d like to see me for a ‘date’ contact me via Maxes Angels